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Weekend link dump for January 12

“Imagine a city the size of Washington D.C. going an entire year without any pedestrians or cyclists being killed on its streets. That’s exactly what happened in Oslo, where officials reported this week that zero pedestrian or cyclist fatalities occurred on the city’s roads in 2019.”

“More than a year after his death, a cache of computer files saved on the hard drives of Thomas Hofeller, a prominent Republican redistricting strategist, is becoming public.”

Do not blindly share memes or tweets on social media without verifying that they are factual, and not just something that aligns with your personal bias.”

“That’s an epiphany. That’s the Epiphany we celebrate today.”

“Moral of the story: Companies that experience a ransomware attack — or for that matter any type of equally invasive malware infestation — should assume that all credentials stored anywhere on the local network (including those saved inside Web browsers and password managers) are compromised and need to be changed.”

Baby Yoda isn’t Yoda. Just so you know.

RIP, Nancy Carol Lewis Jones, American manager for Monty Python and publicist for a slew of classic rock acts.

Time to say Goodbye to Windows 7, if you haven’t already.

The Iran crisis is over. Or it isn’t. I dunno.

“What knockers!” “Oh, thank you.”

Yankees offseason facial hair: a thread”.

This will forevermore be known as “Megxit”.

RIP, Buck Henry, actor, director, and award-winning screenwriter best known for The Graduate and Get Smart.

Behold the power of naked philanthropy.

You can thank – or blame – Twitter for the Jeopardy! GOAT tournament.

Goalies scoring goals is the best sports highlight.

RIP, Neal Peart, drummer and lyricist for Rush. I saw them four times in concert in the 80s and 90s, and they were awesome. A great talent and a terrible loss.

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  1. C.L. says:

    First saw Rush at the Sam Houston Coliseum 01/03/79… upper prom, stage left. Was enthralled by Peart’s skill for the duration of the show. Rolling Stone has him the fourth best rock drummer of all time… I’d have to disagree, he’s either one or two.

  2. Bill Daniels says:

    I first saw Rush at the Summit, for the Signals tour, early 80’s. I did see a fair amount of shows at the Coliseum, though. It was always fun when the Music Hall and the Coliseum shows ended at the same time, seeing the well heeled older folks looking nervously at the unwashed masses, clutching their purses tight.

  3. Jen says:

    FYI the Win 10 upgrade still works. Thank you. No $ needed. It didn’t like that I had an old bluetooth driver, which had to be hidden by a file rename.

  4. Jason Hochman says:

    An interesting piece about Vision Zero in Oslo. Houston has supposedly embraced Vision Zero, but of course is not doing anything about it.

    The people at the city tell me, “oh no we can’t do anything that would inconvenience our precious carbon emitting boxes, even if it would be safer for pedestrians.” Mr Baldwin wrote an essay about how the public right of way needs to be free for parking so that people can go to the chi chi restaurants. I say, read The High Cost of Free Parking.

    Vision Zero would take big changes and full buy in. Houston has a totalitarian city planning style, more Le Corbusier than Jane Jacobs.

    I would like to have Greta Thunberg come to Houston to go to City Hall and give them a good “How dare you.” Indeed, she said that if you know about climate change and do nothing, you are truly evil. Maybe you can buy me a cargo bike so that when her ship comes to the Port of Houston, I can pick her up on a foot powered bike.

  5. C.L. says:

    I’d be more interested in buying Jason a cargo bike and shipping him and the bike to Sweden so he and Greta can chat up Sly’s tax returns over a cappuccino.