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Houston Press on Fort Bend Follies

The Houston Press (scroll down to “Benchwarmer”) takes note of the judicial bait and switch in Fort Bend. Nothing new there – “Hairballs” is not and was never intended to be a replacement for Tim Fleck – but at least it got mentioned in a newspaper with a citywide circulation. The Fort Bend Sun also reported the story. Not a peep from the Chron, of course.

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  1. Sandra says:

    Has anyone heard anything from Tim Fleck?

  2. Vernon Guy says:

    The Press has been close to unreadable (with the exception of John Lomax and Robb Walsh) since Fleck has left. New Times should show Downing the door and start doing their best to look as close to the Austin Chronicle (the gold standard of the genre in Texas) as possible.

  3. Steve Bates says:

    I don’t own a bird. If I did, I might still pick up a Press occasionally. With Fleck gone, there’s just nothing there worth reading. (Sigh.)