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Sheri Dew

The GOP may be putting on its best moderate face at the convention, but apparently someone forgot to tell that to Sheri Dew, the woman who will be giving the opening invocation and who apparently believes that people who don’t oppose gay marriage are just like the people who didn’t oppose Hitler back in the day. Wouldn’t it be nice if, as Atrios suggests, someone in the media were to ask a few questions about this? You know, to see which of these nice, soccer-mom-friendly moderates might agree with that sentiment?

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  1. Bob Manley says:

    To Sheri Dew:

    Arrogance, born of ignorance, is multiplied by success.

  2. Gina says:

    You know i believe Sheri Dew is right, and i stand along side of her. I know what it is like to fight this sickness. I don’t know everything about it, but i know it is worth fighting for, to know that i can find peace inside that Sheri Dew is not here to put anyone down but is to lift us up where we belong. Just because we feel something different inside does not mean we give into it. If the Savior came himself to tell you that being Gay is not the right thing, I don’t thing people would still listen.

  3. martin says:

    you know, you only have to push send once “GINA”
    I don’t think people would listen either!!!! Of course Jesus never said anything about being gay. The jesus I believe in loves gays just as much as he loves you!

  4. Bev says:

    Sheri Dew is an amazing woman. I also believe that she is right, her prayer was beautiful and I am saddened that the world will not accept truth.

    Of course Jesus loves gay people. He loves all of us, but He does not condone the sin. I have gay friends and most of them will tell you, that it was justa lifestyle they prefered, and they did choose it.

    I certainly don’t expect you to agree with me, which is the great thing about having the freedom to pray, the freedom to choose for ourselves.

    Gay ‘marriage’ will rip apart the fabric of the eternal institution of marriage and family and if the family falls apart, society falls apart.

    And I will only hit post once. Ok I hit post once and it won’t let me send it… hmmmmm, it insists on an email address… ok…

    Hopefully it will work this time. =)


  5. Pirate Aggro says:

    You can say whatever it is you want about Sheri Dew. She is probably a nice person. What it boils down to, however, is that she dehumanizes and demonizes those who feel differently than she does by equating them with Nazis. I think in this instance she used poor judgment.

    If you are interested in reading a letter I wrote to Ms. Dew please visit my Blogg.

  6. Patricia says:

    “Aagro”, I didn’t notice Sherri Dew “dehumanizing” or even “demonizing” anyone. I interpreted her comment meaning the tragedy of good people refusing to stand up for what they believe to be right. So many good citizens stood by and allowed Hitler to murder millions of human beings, just as so many of us nowdays are doing when it comes to such actions as abortion. And Bob, why do you assume, if a woman disagrees with you, that she is the ignorant one?

  7. Bryan says:

    Sheri Dew is not likening the Hitler supporters to gay marriage supporters!! She is talking about 2 very powerful movements that both required people to either take a stance for it, or against it. If you’re not for Hitler, you must be against him, and you better decide, because the INFLUENCE and consequences of his (Hitler’s) decision will affect you, just like the INFLUENCE of gay marriage will affect you. Stand up and decide now which side you’ll be on.

  8. David Scott says:

    It is easy to isolate issues in a person’s statements and pick something that sounds like it is one a cutting edge — one not conforming with our society’s norms. The truth is our norms in society have been changing … and continue to change with the winds of time. On the whole Sheri Dew’s life is impressive to anyone who takes the time to study out her dedication and resolve.


    David Scott

  9. Elaine Axe M. Tobias says:

    I have most of Ms. Dew’s tapes; I have read at least two of her books (biographies of the 2 Pres.) and have read many more of her talks. She is the most informative, honest, caring and interesting speaker I’ve ever heard. I would consider it a great honor if I could ever have the opportunity to meet her. She is truly right up there with the greatest of pioneers and am thankful for her diligence and sense of humor. She loves and considers all sisters worldwide.

  10. don iarussi says:

    who knows sheri dews email address

  11. Aaron Davis says:

    I was wondering if anybody knows how I can contact Sheri Dew by email. I would just like to thank her personally for her inspired works. She has been a blessing in my life. Please email me if you know, thanks.

  12. Victor Flagg says:

    I am not sure if its too late to send this but here goes. I am a thirty-five year active LDS man. I also am against gay marriage but have worked with gay and lesbian people and respect and love them as children of God. I admire Sheri Dew in many many ways. She IS wonderful. But here is the problem with comparing the opposing of gay marriage or not opposing it to opposing or not opposing Hitler – The Bible and Book of Mormon and ancient and recent history all tell the same story – if people disagree even greatly they can say “I disagree” and do their thing somewhere else or at least without forcing it on others. But look at Cain, at Nimrod, at Laman and Lemuel, at Hitler, at Stalin, at Mussolini, at Saddam and all the rest of that ilk. They have only one answer – Their answer is that if they disagree they have to kill you. Get this straight!! That is all there is to this. As bad as gay marriage is you can’t compare that movement with the various scriptural and historic movements to shut down the dialogue by killing whoever you disagreed with. I disagree with Sheri Dew’s remarks about comparing the opposing of the gay marriage movement and Hitler. It’s amazing to me that people don’t stay focussed on this. Sister Dew made an error in relating one thing to the other in the way she did. In fairness to her with the voliminous output and frequent speaking engagements etc – this may have made a slip-up that much more likely and the statement she made at BYU later may in fact represent her more studied thoughts. But let’s stay focussed and see the issue in its true light.