The GOP convention is off to a great start

Ain’t technology great?

Getting the virtual state convention up and running “has not been a walk in the park,” said Republican Party of Texas Chair James Dickey in a Facebook Live chat Wednesday evening.

Glitches related to credentialing had yet to be ironed out Thursday, preventing the party from initiating the business at hand. The live feed displayed text stating “We are at ease” and that everyone would be notified when the credentialing emails had been sent.

The frustration was evident in the social media comments.

“Has anyone received their credentials,” asked one person.

“We didn’t get ANYTHING after the registration confirmation. Feeling shut out & silenced,” posted another person.

“Still no credentials … This is crazy,” wrote a third delegate.

And yet another participant had words of blame for the party’s executive committee, writing, “If you weren’t watching during the last couple of SREC meetings, you should watch them. It is the failure to act that has brought us to this online meeting. Three and a half hour meeting to decide nothing. See which SREC were driving the train off the cliff by their interruptions and antics. If SREC members can’t remember parliamentary procedure, Heaven help us when it comes to the meeting of the convention. If SREC can’t properly use the system, who will thousands of others. Like always, in was not everyone’s fault. See if you were happy with your SREC’s interruptions and actions. Maybe yours were good ones … maybe yours needs to be changed. Make that decision while we wait.”

Never wanting to miss an opportunity to poke at the competition, the Democratic Party of Texas sent out a news release encouraging reporters to watch reruns of last month’s Democratic state convention while waiting for the GOP to fix its technical glitches.

Maybe should have spent more time preparing, and less time in court? Just a thought.

Ah, well, at least Greg Abbott got a warm reception for his keynote speech.

Gov. Greg Abbott delivered a firm defense Thursday of his coronavirus response to delegates at the Texas GOP convention who even he acknowledged have grown agitated with him.

Abbott addressed the discontent head-on as the virtual convention got underway Thursday afternoon, starting with the statewide mask requirement that he issued earlier this month. Since then, several Republican county leaders, including in some of the state’s biggest red counties, have voted to censure the governor.

“Now I know that many of all you are frustrated — so am I,” Abbott said in a video message to the delegates. “I know that many of you do not like the mask requirement — I don’t either. It is the last thing that I wanted to do.

“Actually the next to the last,” Abbott added. “The last thing that any of us want is to lock Texas back down again.”

Coronavirus has surged in recent weeks across the state, and Abbott sought to impress upon the delegates how dire the situation has become.

“Each day the facts get worse,” he said. “If we don’t slow this disease quickly, our hospitals will get overrun, and I fear it will even inflict some of the people that I’m talking to right now.”

Why the facts have gotten worse each day is left as an exercise for the reader.

UPDATE: The state GOP is gonna take today to try to fix stuff, and then resume the convention tomorrow.

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10 Responses to The GOP convention is off to a great start

  1. Brad says:

    Deep State interference!!!

  2. David Fagan says:

    Has anyone considered what would happen if one party cannot send electors to the electoral college?

    How about if one candidate does not recieve 270 electoral votes? What happens then?

    The Democrats depend on the Republicans to be viable and active, and vice versa.

  3. Kenneth Fair says:

    “…I fear it will even inflict some of the people that I’m talking to right now.“

    Isn’t it interesting how the leader of the Republican Party of Texas recognizes that his fellow party members can’t be bothered to care about anything unless it affects them personally?

  4. blank says:

    How about if one candidate does not recieve 270 electoral votes? What happens then?

    It goes to the state delegations, which are likely to favor Republicans. Here’s the specifics from 270 to win.


    “If neither candidate gets a majority of the 538 electoral votes, the election for President is decided in the House of Representatives, with each state delegation having one vote. A majority of states (26) is needed to win. Senators would elect the Vice-President, with each Senator having a vote. A majority of Senators (51) is needed to win… The Congress meets in joint session on January 6, 2021 to count the electoral votes (this count happens whether the election is close or not). If no candidate has reached 270 Electoral Votes, then the House and Senate take over and elect the President and Vice-President, respectively. Note that the newly elected 117th Congress will be sworn in on January 3rd, 2021. It is that new Congress that would take on this responsibility.”

  5. David Fagan says:

    Mucho very interesting.

    I would love to observe that process.

  6. blank says:

    I would love to observe that process.

    Hamilton is Disney+ if you have access and want to see its representation of the 1800 election.

  7. Lexical Stickler says:

    Re: “If we don’t slow this disease quickly, our hospitals will get overrun, and I fear it will even inflict some of the people that I’m talking to right now.”

    Should have said or been rendered as “afflict” or “infect” …

    AFFLICT, verb, means cause pain or suffering to; affect or trouble. INFLICT calls for specification of what is being visited upon the victim, like pain, suffering, or punishment.

    I doubt Abbott meant he was going to inflict COVID-19 upon them.

    From someone who typoes and mis-spells all the time. Alas.

  8. Flypusher says:

    Also interesting (and scary) that it doesn’t seem to be working as well as it used to.

  9. Lobo says:


    What with all the online snafus, looks like USDC Judge Lynn Hughes will be hosting the GOP Convention.

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