Another dose of Congressional news

Rep. Max Sandlin picked up the endorsement of the Texas Farm Bureau, who had previously endorsed Rep. Chet Edwards but for whatever the reason declined to endorse Rep. Charlie Stenholm. Maybe they wanted to appear bipartisan, or maybe Stenholm’s opponent was the only one of the three with actual ag cred. Not as much as Stenholm, of course, but surely more than Edwards and Sandlin’s opposites.

Speaking of Edwards, you’ll no doubt be shocked to hear that his opponent is running misleading ads about him. I’ll give you a moment to recover from that.

Lorenzo Sadun picked up a Best Of award from the Austin Chronicle.

I saw another campaign ad last night, on TBS during the A&M-KState football game. This was an anti-Nick Lampson ad produced by the NRCC. They claimed Lampson was “bad for small businesses”, citing that famously disinterested third party the Texas Association of Business. I had a hard time not laughing.

On a more serious note, Lampson is being attacked for his support of gay rights. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of this sort of thing before it’s all over. (Aside: Somebody needs to tell the Houston Voice who Lampson’s opponent is. I mean, Steve Stockman??)

Did I mention that Richard Morrison reached his fundraising goal of $250,000 for the quarter? Yes, I believe I did.

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