Fastow sued over back taxes

What a tangled web.

The Fastows, according to the lawsuit filed in 212th District Court, owe [Galveston] county $17,471 on their 3216 Musket Lane home in the posh Pirates’ Cove subdivision. That amount includes penalties, interest and attorney fees.

But earlier this year, the couple agreed to surrender the vacation home, among other properties, to the federal government as part of restitution in Enron-related criminal proceedings.

The Fastows, who already have had a rough year on the legal front, owe taxes for 2003 on a property appraised at $524,200.

On Friday, David Gerger, a Houston attorney representing Andrew Fastow in a criminal case involving Enron, declined to comment about the lawsuit against his famous client.


When he pleaded guilty, he agreed to surrender nearly $24 million in cash and property, including the island vacation home, as restitution.

It was unclear on Friday how that agreement will affect the county’s efforts to collect taxes on the island home.


The county will have to notify Lea Fastow of the lawsuit at her residence at 1200 Texas Ave. in Houston, a federal detention center where she’ll live for the next year.

The taxpayers of Galveston County should not have to subsidize Andrew Fastow’s plea bargain with the feds. One way or another, that seventeen grand needs to be carved out and paid up.

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