Endorsement watch: Judges, JPs, and constables

Since I brought up the Chron’s extremely lackadaisical endorsement pace in the previous post, I may as well check in and see who they’ve supported so far. On Monday, in an editorial I can no longer find online (grrr), the Chron supported all the incumbents in the Court of Criminal Appeals races. Yesterday, they endorsed all the incumbents in the Justice of the Peace and Constable elections, plus Dean Dozen candidate May Walker in the open Constable Precinct 7 race. I didn’t prognosticate any of these races, but I continue to feel confident about the overall nature of the Chron’s selections.

In case you’re curious, a running tally of newspaper Presidential endorsements is here. Kerry currently leads in total nods as well as total circulation of the endorsing papers, but many major papers, including all of the big Texas dailies, have not gone on the record yet. Also, Kerry has picked up the support of four papers that touted Bush in 2000, while so for no former Gore backers have switched sides.

UPDATE Kevin supplies the Monday Chron endorsement editorial and gives me a good reason to finally accept that Gmail invitation that’s sitting in my inbox. Thanks, Kevin!

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3 Responses to Endorsement watch: Judges, JPs, and constables

  1. kevin whited says:

    Here’s the Monday editorial from the Chron:


    I love my google mail account, and one of many nice features is that I can keep the daily Chron emails handy (and searchable) for quite some time. Links do die of course, but it’s still very nice. Highly recommended for news junkies and bloggers!

  2. Sue says:

    What are the chances that any of the big Texas papers will endorse Kerry? Isn’t it pretty much a given that they’ll endorse Bush?

  3. I think there’s a (small) chance the Statesman will endorse Kerry, but that’s about it. If any of the others do, it’ll be a major upset.

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