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Endorsement watch: District court judges

We have our first endorsement of a non-incumbent today, as the Chron supports Bruce Mosier for the 189th District (Civil) Court. Mosier was the closest challenger to win in the Bar Poll, and as expected, the Chron followed those recommendations to the letter otherwise. Which means that Kathy Stone joined Mosier as the only other Democrat to get endorsed. If you’re a Harris County Democratvoter, remember those names. They’re definitely worth your vote.

UPDATE: More from Greg, who laments that Zone Nguyen didn’t get a nod. I’ll second that, and note that I’ve met all of the Democratic judicial candidates in Harris County, and would recommend all of them.

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  1. burt levine says:

    What if I am a Harris County Republican. Wouldn’t you want to sell me that Bruce Mosier and Kathy Stone are worth my votes too. Don’t you understand for your Democratic candidates in Harris or Fort Bend County to win they must win far more Republican votes than Democratic votes. Doesn’t that make sense and that is why I am now and have been encouraging Harris County Republicans to vote for Zone Nguyen.

  2. Greg Wythe says:

    “they must win far more Republican votes than Democratic votes”

    That doesn’t quite pan out even if you assume the partisan split is closer to 60-40 than the presumed 55-45. It’s closer to them needing about one out of every ten Bush voters to win the thing. Maybe fewer … maybe none … we’ll have to wait to see how the exact formula breaks down.

    But be that as it may, I think it is worthwhile to convince otherwise GOP voters that Democrats are worth a vote or two as well. In the case of Mosier and Stone, it’s an easy sell. They’ve both been judges and they’ve both got a track record on the bench as fairminded and nonpartisan judges. After all, that’s what you want in a judge, right? If not, then yeah, vote for the machine. It works great if you believe in the process of hiring legal eagles at the DA office out of college, putting them on the ballot for a judicial slot after a few years and then moving them up the ladder via appointments.

    But if you think judges ought to be above crass politicing and ought to exhibit some independence, these two in particular are worth a vote. Apparently a great deal of non-aligned voters thought so when they nearly put Mosier back on the bench in 2000, and I suspect you’d be in good company with Stone when its all said and done, also. So by all means, chip in some cash and dial up their vote when at the polling place.

  3. Burt – Good point. Correction made. Thanks!

  4. kevin whited says:

    Charles: Recommend all of them? REALLY?! Gee, readers are left in shock! SHOCK! 🙂

    Greg: Spoken like a good party man! And a good party man isn’t like those… well, “crass” people who might consider voting for the other party, right? You are so unintentionally funny these days!

  5. Well, Kevin, I guess I can’t wait to see your bipartisan slate of recommendations. I know how conflicted you are about this election.