A few thoughts from yesterday’s games

If I never see that DirectTV ad with Carmen Electra having the body of the high school gym teacher again, it’ll be too soon. Please, in the name of all that’s decent, make it stop!

Now hear this: If Drayton McLane wants Carlos Beltran to be an Astro next year, he’ll find the money for him. Beltran may want to go elsewhere, and surely a team like the Yankees could offer him more money than it would make sense to give him, but I’m going to beat the rush and start calling BS right now on any cries of small-market poverty from McLane. That is all.

I loved how the Fox announcers clucked their tongues at Tony Womack‘s first-pitch hacking against Brad Lidge, who was surely a bit tired after back-to-back two-inning outings. Guys, that’s the hallmark of Tony Womack’s career. His .349 OBP this year is his best ever by over 20 points, and with 36 walks in 553 ABs, it’s all driven by his batting average. He’s a hackmeister of the first order, and if you’re surprised by what he did then you haven’t been paying attention.

For awhile there, I thought the Astros-Cards game was going to end before the Yankees-Red Sox game did. Another announcer (I can’t remember which one is which – maybe Joe Buck does need a catchphrase) noted that the Fenway concessionaires had to be making a fortune with those three super-sized games. I just wonder how any of the fans make it in to work the next day.

Football, schmootball. This is where the action is.

UPDATE: Rafe beat me to the punch about McLane and Beltran.

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6 Responses to A few thoughts from yesterday’s games

  1. William Hughes says:

    “If I never see that DirectTV ad with Carmen Electra having the body of the high school gym teacher again, it’ll be too soon. Please, in the name of all that’s decent, make it stop!”

    Is the problem with Carmen Electra or the high school gym teacher body in the commercial. Personally, I can’t stand either. 😉

    On a more serious note, the Astros – Cardinals game was pushed to FX here in NYC due to the length of the Yankees – Red Sox game. At least Major League Baseball had the decency to start the game at 5:10 PM. If the game had gone any longer, it would have been baseball’s first five day test match.

  2. Patrick says:

    I think last night may have been one of the best nights of baseball I’ve witnessed in my 31 years. Admittedly, I’m a Sox fan and I was hanging on every pitch and every hit like a junkie on his fix, and like William, we didn’t get the Astros-Cards game until it was in the bottom of the 8th. That Kent moonshot off Isringhausen was classic! Here’s for a Sox-Astros World Series!

    Howdy from Denton, Texas, Kuff! Love the blog! I wish we could save Charlie Stenholm, but I think Doggett, Edwards, Sandlin, and Frost (particularly Frost) getting re-elected will be very, very sweet. I would pay good money to be within earshot of Tom DeLay to hear his banshee shreik when those numbers come through.

    Did you know the RNC is running Rudy Guiliani ads for the Sign Thief here in DFW?

  3. Here in Houston, the ALCS game was moved to FX when the Astros game started. Fox notified us every few minutes starting a hald hour beforehand of the impending move. Picture in picture is your friend. 🙂

    Oh, and it’s the gym teacher body, William. I have nightmares about the hand that comes up to caress the back of the dude’s head.

  4. kj says:

    Some notes from Sports talk radio in Dallas:
    Julian Tavares is a punk for throwing at Bagwell.
    La Russa is a whiner for complaining that the replay showed Tavares trashing the bullpen phone.

    With the baby, I haven’t had the chance to watch any games.

  5. Tim says:

    McLane may not be able to plead poverty, but if the Evil Empire wants him badly enough, virtually no team can match it without making the rest of the team weaker.

    Sure, the Astros could give Beltran a huge contract like the Evil Empire could, but the Evil Empire wouldn’t have to cut payroll elsewhere. Most teams do.

  6. Linkmeister says:

    Hey, at least you guys got FX to show the thing. Despite all the entreaties, cable in Hawaii didn’t bother to switch, so we got “COPS” on FX for the first half-hour and something called “Hars War (paraphrasing)” for the next two hours until the Yankees-Red Sox game ended.

    The uninitiated would say “hey, it was 0-0, so you didn’t miss anything.” I would throw something at the uninitiated. I could have seen some of that game during commercials from Fox, drat it!

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