Who’s your daddy, DeLay-style

Last week, I wrote:

[House Republicans support Tom DeLay] because he supports them financially and electorally

Want to know how much he supports them financially, and how many of them are on his dole? Look here. If you think your representative or Senator should join the four honorable ones who have given DeLay’s dirty money back to him, here’s a letter you can send.

Via Atrios.

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4 Responses to Who’s your daddy, DeLay-style

  1. Patrick says:

    John Culberson is in cahoots with Tom Delay…cue Claude Raines – “I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.”

    Seriously, though several of these amounts are significant some are a bit trifling. A quarter of that list got $20 bucks or less – what good does that do? Senators Rick Santorum, Craig Thomas and James Inhofe got a whopping $6 each. Did the PAC Administrator buy them a Value Meal at Mc Donalds and report that as a contribution? I know that in politics money buys access and influence, but I’m trying to imagine how much access and influence you get for 6 bucks. Is there a coupon involved?

  2. Daddy DeLay, Go Away

    There’s been so much news with the other Texas congressional and local races that I haven’t kept up with everything in CD 22 over the past few days, but fortunately, Kuff has the latest. First, everyone be sure to follow…

  3. Yeah, I didn’t get those $20 and $6 donations, either. I figure they must be a share of something, but beyond that it makes no sense to me.

    That said, something like 95 people on the list got $10K or more from DeLay. That’s a lot of money.

  4. CrispyShot says:

    Two MN reps, Mark Kennedy and John Kline, were among the worst offenders, at $29k and $30k, respectively. I don’t know which one offends me more: Kline shopped around for a congressional district that would elect his conservative ass for 3 cycles before he got in, but Kennedy’s MY rep, and he’s a Bush bobblehead. Worse, rumor has it that he’s going to run for the Senate seat in 2006. We lost Paul Wellstone’s seat to NY transplant (and former Dem mayor of St. Paul) Norm Coleman in ’02 (and yes, Norm’s on DeLay’s payroll, too); if Mark Dayton retires in ’06, I’m afraid there aren’t many who could challenge Kennedy. (To be honest, I’m not even sure if Dayton could challenge Kennedy. He’s a good Dem, by and large, but his speaking abilities leave much to be desired.)

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