Statesman and Chron endorse Bush

The Statesman and the Chronicle gave President Bush a clean sweep of Texas major newspaper endorsements today. I’m not surprised by this – in fact, I predicted it. I simply never expected any of the major Texas dailies to hold Bush accountable for any of his screwups. The cognitive dissonance would be too great for them.

I understand that a lot of people in Austin are mad about the Statesman endorsement. Democracy for Texas is apparently holding an impromptu anti-Statesman rally today (see Sarah for details; the DFT email is below the fold). I say don’t get mad, get even. The best revenge you can take is to do whatever you can to see to it that John Kerry carries Travis, Harris, Dallas, and Bexar counties. Make those newspapers realize that they’re the ones who are out of touch. Put up a yard sign, knock on doors, drive someone to the polls, it doesn’t matter. Take action and make a difference. There’s no excuse.

(One point to note: The DFT mail is incorrect when it says that Bush “didn’t carry Austin the last time”. Bush won a plurality of Travis County votes with 45%, thanks in large part to the 10% share that Ralph Nader got – Al Gore finished with 41%. I don’t care how red Texas is – your vote matters. Make the right choice.)

Finally, some kudos to Texas papers that do get it: The Waco Tribune (via Byron), the Baytown Sun (via Tom), and of course, the Lone Star Iconoclast. Let me know if I missed any.

UPDATE: Lasso has a report on the protest, along with a picture. Another picture is here, currently on the Statesman homepage.

The Austin American-Statesman will endorse George Bush on Sunday. After enduring weeks of this paper’s piously endorsing Republicans because they “reflect the wishes of the people of their district,” and trashing people like David Van Os and Stephen Yelenosky for being too partisan, the hometown rag has endorsed a man who didn’t carry Austin the last time, and will lose it by an even bigger margin this time around.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Be at the Congress Avenue Bridge

This is what Austin is doing for democracy this week!

Your DFT Steering Committee –

Marla Camp, Glen Maxey, Teri Sperry and Fran Vincent

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4 Responses to Statesman and Chron endorse Bush

  1. 'stina says:

    The Bryon/College Station Eagle made a point of not endorsing Bush. They didn’t endorse Kerry either, but they were very clear that they don’t like Bush.

  2. 'stina says:

    The Bryon/College Station Eagle made a point of not endorsing Bush. They didn’t endorse Kerry either, but they were very clear that they don’t like Bush.

  3. Corpus Christi Caller Times Endorses Kerry

    Here: On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, President George W. Bush faced a challenge unlike that any other president had ever faced before him. With the taking of 2,984 American lives in a coordinated terrorist attack on U.S. soil,…

  4. Steve Bates says:

    I’ve subscribed to the paper edition of the Chronicle for about 35 years, through administrations both Republican and Democratic, through presidencies both excellent and deplorable. They’ve endorsed my candidates and their opponents, editorialized for and against my issues, etc. I’ve stuck with them through it all.

    This time, though, they’ve gone too far. I intend to drop my subscription after the end of the election season (i.e., when the post-election court battles are over). The Chronicle won’t notice my gesture, of course, but at least I won’t have their garbage dumped right on my doorstep every day.

    Would someone in Texas please found a newspaper for those of us in the “reality-based community”?

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