Penultimate weekend Congressional roundup

Links for the Congressional race fan:

Here’s the Chron on Edwards versus Wohlgemuth, Lampson versus Poe, and Stenholm versus Neugebauer Notice any prominent local races missing? Yeah, me too. Here’s something from the first article that is a theme in just about all of these stories.

Arlene Wohlgemuth isn’t part of the Bush-Cheney ticket, but she doesn’t mind if voters in the 17th Congressional District think she is.

Much of her campaign to unseat Democratic incumbent Chet Edwards in the district that President Bush calls home is built around the theme that she and Bush are partners.

“In Congress, she will work with President Bush to enact their shared vision for America,” promises one of her television ads.

In pretty much all of the tight Texas races, the main thrust of the campaign on the GOP side seems to be “Vote for me, I’m the Republican, I’ll do whatever George Bush (more accurately, Tom DeLay) tells me to do.” Nothing about their qualifications, their ideas, their experiences, or their independence – certainly not the latter. Nope, they’re rubber stamps and they’re proud of it. I suppose that’s good strategy in districts that lean GOP, but I think it says a lot about where the Republican Party is these days and what you can expect of it.

The Express News has a fairly boilerplate story about the Anglo Texas Democrats. This is worth a chuckle:

Two of [the state’s 10 Anglo Democrats in Congress] — Reps. Gene Green of Houston and Lloyd Doggett of Austin — look like solid bets for re-election.

Given that Gene Green has no Republican opponent on the ballot, I’d say he’s pretty darned solid. You can draw your own conclusions as to what this pairing means about Becky Klein’s candidacy.

The Morning News updates us on the money race in Frost versus Sessions and notes that both candidates have made an issue of Smoky Joe Barton. They also say that Stenholm is gaining on Neugebauer.

The Star Telegram continues its thorough coverage of all races by looking at the new CD24 and CD06. Gotta love a story that notes the nickname Smoky Joe.

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  1. amblongus says:

    See the current Texas Observer for an informative piece on the truly gruesome Wohlgemuth.

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