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So what’s up with that National Guard story?

Hell, I don’t know.

Governors can deploy troops for numerous reasons, from natural disasters to border security.

But observers found it rare to the point of extraordinary when the Texas National Guard revealed that Gov. Greg Abbott has directed troops be prepared to respond to disturbances after the Nov. 3 election in major cities across the state.

Abbott has not explained his reasons, so far.

Ben West, a security analyst at the RANE subsidiary Stratfor, a consulting firm, said he anticipates most of the forces will be sent to Houston and Austin, which saw the bulk of the state’s racial justice protests this summer. Guard officials have compared the new mission to its response in June to the unrest.

While an election-related deployment is uncommon, 2020 might be the exception, West said.

“When everything is just upside down, things that in any other year would have been extraordinary get lost in the wash,” he said.

The governor has pushed hard in recent weeks to convey to voters his allegiance to law enforcement, and has proposed new laws that would stiffen punishments for unruly protesters, including mandatory jail time.

The Guard said Monday it would send up to 1,000 troops to Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio as early as this weekend. A top guard official, retired Maj. Gen. James K. “Red” Brown, said the deployment was in case of “postelection” disturbances, to support local law enforcement and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

He said the guardsmen’s role would be similar to that during last summer’s George Floyd protests, and the troops would act “as we previously did to deter any civil disturbance at sites in various cities in Texas.”

This was the original story. Since then, Abbott has assured officials in San Antonio there will be no troops sent there after they complained, and there was a clarification that none of the troops would be sent to polling locations. On Wednesday, Abbott finally spoke about the issue.

Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday answered questions about the deployment of Texas National Guard troops to Texas cities on Election Day, saying they will play no role whatsoever in the election process.

“Our job is to make sure that cities are safe and along those lines, we want to make sure that in the event there are any protests after the election that we will have adequate personnel in place to make sure that we will be able to address any protests that could turn into riots,” the governor said.

When asked specifically about the assignment of troops to Houston, Abbott indicated those decisions will be made on an as-needed basis.

“It is erroneous to say we will have a presence here,” he said.

My guess is that this was a typical politics-first move by Abbott that wasn’t very well thought out and neither took into account any stakeholder input, nor anticipated their reactions. It will probably not amount to much in the end, which is also typical of Abbott. I suppose this is as good a place as any to point out that violence from far-right groups is a much greater threat than people protesting police brutality, though I know there’s a zero percent chance Abbott knows or is much interested in that. It is what it is, as they say. The Press and the Trib have more.

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  1. Bill Daniels says:

    Black Lives Matter just burned down a Vietnamese Church in Philadelphia. THIS is why we need the National Guard deployed, especially in Houston, where we have a very significant Vietnamese-American presence, people who are vulnerable to the BLM violence.

    These folks fled a communist takeover and repression by the NVA after the war, only to come to America and be attacked by Marxists right here. Sad.

  2. brad says:

    I think the communist take over you are referring is to Trump being a useful idiot to Putin.

    Why is Trump ceding the sovereignty of our democartic elections to Putin’s shennanigans and why are no elected Republicans speaking up about this?

  3. Bill Daniels says:

    Well, looks like little ol’ Russia just helped the US to have its biggest growth in our economy EVER, something even MSNBC agrees is historic. I’ll have some more of that, please. It’s weird, though why Russia would be doing so much to help our economy while foregoing their own economy. Putin is truly selfless and pro America!

    I mean, look, he funneled $ 3.5M in cash to a US citizen, Hunter Biden, via the wife of the Moscow mayor, he really wants to help Americans. I’ve been checking my mailbox for checks from Russia but nothing yet. Maybe he’s giving money to needy Democrats first?

    Or are we going to say this was Obama’s doing?

  4. brad says:


    You are slipping a little…you didn’t even mention Hillary’s e-mails!

  5. C.L. says:

    Benghazi !

  6. Bill Daniels says:


    Yet another Obama scandal where they blamed an innocent person to cover up the Obama administration’s crimes.

    Even CNN agrees the “It wuz becuz of a Youtube video!” narrative was a LIE.

    What other scandals from the “muh scandal free administration” would you like to discuss, C.L.? I mean, based on the Hunter Biden emails, I can see why Hillary was smart enough to destroy her subpoenaed emails. And why not? She got away with something that you or I would go to jail for, if we destroyed subpoenaed documents.

  7. Manny says:

    Bill you forgot to mention Trump helping Turkey go around Iran sanctions, cause Turkey was lining Trump’s pockets.

    Bill everyone knows that Trump pays people to sneak in on the protests to start the fires and burning. Just like Trump paid them to start a new “Caravan” from Central America but the scare wasn’t working so he paid them to go back.

    Bill everyone knows that Trump working with Jarad help spread the virus, because they they were going to “Own the Opening”, I don’t why you Trump lovers never unglue your eyes from Tucker and start caring what is happening around you’ll.

  8. Bill Daniels says:

    Got some links for, umm, ANY of that, Manny, or is that just your fertile imagination running wild again? You’ll note I provide links when I toss stuff out. Like the 400 miles of wall (and counting) built. Why don’t we ever talk about the wall anymore, Manny? Remember how you enjoyed so much taunting me about no wall, Manny? What happened? Why don’t you talk about the wall anymore, Manny?

    Meanwhile, you folks burned down a Vietnamese church. Last night. Why do you hate brown people, Manny? What could the Vietnamese possibly have done to you?

  9. brad says:

    Trump lied, people died.

    228,730 Americans dead….unfortunately so far.

    Looking forward to real leadership come January 20th.

  10. Bill Daniels says:


    What is the number of Americans that would be dead of the Wu flu had Hillary won? I mean, take your best guess, round it to the nearest 10,000, and show your work how you arrived at that number.

    Would ZERO Americans have died under President H? How many would be dead, and what, specifically, did President H do differently, and when, that accounts for the difference? Finally, do governors share in any of the blame, or nah?

    Did Hillary insist on shutting down travel from China before Trump did it?

    Did Hillary insist on shutting down travel from Europe before Trump did it?

    Did Hillary insist on sending the hospital ships to CA and NY before Trump did it? Did Hillary insist Trump turn the Javitz center into a makeshift hospital?

    Did Hiillary insist on getting industry to produce PPE before Trump did it?

    Did Hillary insist on invoking the Defense Production Act to get ventilators built before Trump did it?

    Did Hillary insist on shutting down the greatest economy America ever had BEFORE Trump did it?

    Did Hillary demand that Operation Warp Speed be initiated to get vaccines to market in record time before Trump did it? Surely there must be some articles about that.

    Did Hillary call for the “right to try” law before Trump signed it?

    Please show links of Hillary pronouncements that would have saved lives, so we can see what she proposed before Trump actually did it, and what she proposed that Trump did not do, and then extrapolate on how many Trump killed that Hillary could have saved.

    If you like, you can substitute Joe for Hillary, and tell us, with links, exactly what Joe would have done differently, and WHEN, that would have saved lives. And tell us how many would be dead if Joe had been president for the last 4 years. Round to the nearest 10,000, and show your work.

  11. Kibitzer Curiae says:


    Abbott might be anticipating mass protests if/when the supreme court throws out 100,000+ Harris County votes cast the drive-through way. He might figure that it would be useful to have troops/troopers on standby, ready to quell the widespread protests or riots in the worst-case scenario.

    How would that come to pass?

    Well, Hotze/Woodfill et all just filed another mandamus petition in the Texas Supreme Court challenging the legality of Hollin’s drive-through voting setup, and are asking for injunctive relief to the have the electronic storage devices containing the drive-thru ballots cast by Harris County voters segregated and dealt with as the Court will see fit to command. (“Relators are asking this Court to require all memory cards from the ten (10) drive-thru voting locations be secured and not entered or downloaded into the Tally machine until this Court issues an order on Relators’ Petition for Writ of Mandamus.”)

    Last time, SCOTX sent them away without a merits ruling on their legal challenge; but this time they have federalized their complaint, so they can go to the U.S. Supreme Court and seek emergency relief there, should their special man on Abbott’s court, Justice John Devine, not garner more support to procure a majority in their favor this time around. They cite his prior Hotze dissent profusely.

    As is by now well-known, Hotze/Woodfill and their comrades-in-arms characterize
    the drive-through voting in Harris County as a noncompliant form for “curb-side” voting under the Election Code (a form of voting subject to more restrictive eligibility requirements), and point to the absence of an express authorization of “drive-thru” voting in the Election Code. They rely on the Texas Supreme Court’s opinion in the AG’s “ultra vires” suit against Chris Hollins as judicial precedent for Hollins’ alleged lack of authority to implement innovations to make voting safer and easier in times of pandemic. State v. Hollins, No. 20-0729, 64 Tex. Sup. Ct. J. 40, 2020, 2020 Tex. LEXIS 929 (Tex. Oct. 7, 2020) (reversing trial court’s denial of state’s motion for temporary injunction seeking to stop Hollins from mailing vote-by-mail applications to all registered voters of Harris County).


    Their legal challenge to drive-thru voting in Harris County presents a state-law statutory construction issues on which the state supreme court would have the last word. Now, however, they argue — assuming the validity of their preferred characterization of drive-thru voting, which is of course disputed — that Hollins has illegally expanded “drive-thru/curbside” voting and thereby “rewritten” the Election Code.

    Since Hollins is not the Texas Legislature, their reasoning goes, his program is not only ultra vires under state law, but also violates the U.S. constitution (at least for the federal portion of the elections). The basis for that contention is the Elections Clause of the federal constitution, which assigns the power to prescribe the manner of elections to the state legislatures. That’s their basis for federal question jurisdiction, and the predicate for their forthcoming pitch for Harris County vote-nixing relief by the conservatives on the U.S. Supreme Court. Justice Gorsuch just penned a dissent on this legal topic in TIMOTHY K. MOORE, ET AL. v. DAMON CIRCOSTA, CHAIR, STATE BOARD OF ELECTIONS, ET AL, 592 U. S. ____ (Oct. 28, 2020), albeit involving very different factual circumstances.


    Hotze/Woodfill pursue a rather Orwellian project. They try to get the supreme court to agree that “election integrity” is furthered by stopping the drive-through voting, by labeling the votes case that way as “illegal” and not countable.

    While the relief they seek is in theory prospective (stopping drive-through voting through an injunction in guise of a SCOTX writ of mandamus under the Election Code), the implication of a ruling in their favor would be that that already-cast votes are also ”illegal”, and must therefore be discarded. Mind you, these are not fraudulent ballots or graveyard votes, but ballots that voters cast in good faith on the eslate machines after presenting their IDs.

    You can read the petition, docket as No. 20-0863, here:

    A response has been requested, and will be due tomorrow.

    It may not even be worth filing one.

    The judicial branch of the Texas GOP will do whatever they will, no matter what Hollins’ legal team has to offer in opposition. That might include ignoring the issue of whether the GOP petitioners even have standing. We have seen that before. Only Justice Blacklock addressed this in the last round, and he barely got one colleague to join him.

    Seriously, how are these petitioners harmed as voters if voting is made more convenient for others, and – as for the petitioners who are on the Harris County ballot – how are their chances of winning compromised if it cannot even be known whether the drive-through voters favor one party more than the other?

  12. Bill Daniels says:

    “Mind you, these are not fraudulent ballots or graveyard votes, but ballots that voters cast in good faith on the eslate machines after presenting their IDs.”

    You mean like the stacks of unattended ID’s that the former cop whistleblower saw sitting on a table at the voting location?

    Nah, no way would poll workers go out to the drive in voting areas and just use a whole stack of ID’s to vote for people who aren’t actually there while no one is watching. I mean, those thousands of fake driver’s licenses they found imported from China….those were just novelties, not China using stolen voter data to print D.L.’s so that fraudsters could use them to illegally vote…..surely not that.

  13. Bill Daniels says:

    Caught 20,000 driver’s licenses from China in this shipment… many shipments got through that we didn’t catch. Are they being used to vote?

  14. Manny says:

    Bill all those links that you post, for the most part take one to right wing, QAnon, conspiracy sites. But if you want links then here is the Trump gets millions while Turkey circumvents sanctions to Iran.

  15. Manny says:

    Bill you want links, below Jarad we will owe the opening;

    “The statement reflected a political strategy. Instead of following the health experts’ advice, Trump and Kushner were focused on what would help the President on Election Day. By their calculations, Trump would be the “open-up president.”

  16. Manny says:

    Bill it is now coming out that Trump is working with supremacy policemen to intentional shot people, especially blacks, so as to create chaos.

  17. Ross says:

    Bill, thanks to you, and others like you, I voted for almost all Democrats for the first time in my life. I voted for Huffman for DA because Ogg is a complete dumpster fire, but every other vote was for a Democrat. My Dad would be proud of me.

    The Republican platform can be summarized as:

    More money for the rich
    Screw the poor
    Poor women deserve to die
    Stealing from the poor is OK, as long as it’s done by rich people
    Poor people don’t deserve reasonable bail when charged with a crime

    And, from the Trump playbook, if the other guy isn’t crying at the end of the deal, you are a loser.

  18. Manny says:

    with White Supremacy

  19. David Fagan says:

    Soooooo, since I voted for a woman for president, that makes everyone who voted for a sis gendered white Male a sexist? Including those sexist Democrats.

  20. Jen says:

    Trump’s wall turned into just what we might have expected, a corrupt enterprise to enrich Republican donors with taxpayer money- from Channel 2.

  21. Manny says:

    Bill you like Links, here is another one

    $130,000,000 in Donald Trump’s pocket from a company wanting favors.

  22. Bill Daniels says:


    From your own link:

    “The AG seeks to determine if the president evaded paying capital gains taxes on a large portion of the 2005 loan that the Attorney General says it has learned was “forgiven.””

    So, 12 years before Trump became president, Trump and the evil energy company concocted an evil plan for the future President Trump to approve rail transport of CNG? This is what you’re selling? I mean, really?

    First, the energy company must have a time machine to know that Trump would win the presidency 12 years later. Second, Trump ran as being pro energy. You’ll recall he famously approved the Keystone XL and DAPL projects that Obama stalled. So you’re mad that Trump approved pipelines, the very safest way to transport any liquid or gas, including CNG, and now you’re upset that Trump approved rail, the OTHER way to transport it. Yes, rail transport is comparably more dangerous. Rail transport is also more expensive as a shipping vehicle. But when there is no pipeline capacity available, sometimes there is no other choice. How, exactly, would you prefer that natural gas or CNG be transported, Manny? In bottles on the backs of burros?

    Congratulations, you’ve shown that Trump is pro-energy and will approve projects that helped make the US an energy exporter, and energy independent for the first time in 70 years! I don’t see the downside here. You’re highlighting a Trump success, something I voted for, and something that benefits YOU as you fill up with sub $ 2/gal gas and heat your home with sub $ 3 Mcf natural gas.

    You benefit in other ways, too. You benefit when we don’t have to send kids from YOUR neighborhood to go fight in the Middle East over oil. Those kids that get to live now, because they didn’t die in wars for oil benefit from this, too.

    Tell me again how any of this is an outrage, Manny.

  23. Bill Daniels says:


    How much cheaper could the wall have been built if the Dems and Republican establishment had not fought it tooth an nail? Follow up question: How much are the lives of all the Americans killed by illegal aliens worth to you? We just buried a HPD cop, killed by a guy that should never have been here, a guy who could have been stopped by…..A WALL.

    How many families have lost someone due to the opioid epidemic because of drugs pouring across our Southern border? What are those lives lost worth to you? Don’t you care about dead Americans, Jen?

    You’re upset about 220,000 Americans that died of covid, or the flu, or heart attacks, or whatever else could be blamed on covid, but suddenly you don’t care about Americans killed by illegals, like the HPD officer, or Mollie Tibbets, or Kate Steinle? Should I remind you the HPD cop just killed was black, a person of color? So was another HPD officer, Rodney Johnson. Don’t those black lives matter to you, Jen? They could have been saved if we had a secure wall and illegals didn’t get into the US. Remember the ‘Railcar Killer,’ the illegal alien serial killer that traveled by rail to kill people all across the US? A wall could have stopped him. What about those dead, Jen? What are their lives worth to you?

  24. brad says:


    Sigh…more lies from you to swat down like pesky mosquitoes.

    $2/gal gas is because of glut of oil surplus due to Russians and Saudis feud, not Trump.

    Also, due to COVID pandemic impact on demand. Note: getting handle on pandemic translates into getting handle on the economy impact. Pandemic isn’t being handled by Trump’s historically inept inability to govern, generally, and more specifically in a crisis like the COVID crisis.

    Trump’s only response is “COVID, COVID, COVID…what COVID?…we are turning the corner”

    Is this what turning the corner means?

  25. Bill Daniels says:


    I’ll agree that because liberals like you are running around like Chicken Little and shutting down the economy of not only the US, but other countries around the world, demand for oil and gas is down. I’m giving you that.

    Now, question, and be honest. Does MORE domestic US oil and gas production generally raise the price of energy here, or does it generally lower it?

    And I noticed you didn’t address the security benefit, the no longer needing to go fight wars for oil in the Middle East. This might hit that point home for you:

  26. brad says:


    What next…Trump taking credit for -$37 a barrel prices for Texas producers back in April?

    I can just see Trump now crowing to a MAGA crowd saying that he has done “the best job” of any President ever with oil prices and that the gas stations are going to start paying you to take their gas.

    Next time instead of providing a link to a rightwing site, just grab a hyperlink to a zoo cam of a monkey banging a pot in his cage.

  27. Jules says:

    Lot of layoffs in o&g under trump administration. Schlumberger laid off about 25% of its workforce. ExxonMobil got rid of 401k matching and is planning layoffs, mostly in Houston.

    Source: google

  28. Bill Daniels says:

    Still waiting to find out how many dead Americans there would be if we had Hill-Dawg or Joe as president the last 4 years instead of Trump, and what they would have done and when, that would result in the difference.

    And it sounds like you want access to the Gorilla Channel. You know where you can watch the Gorilla Channel? The White House. You know why? Because the guy that won likes the Gorilla Channel.

    You know where they DON’T have the Gorilla Channel? Chappaqua, NY. 🙂

  29. Bill Daniels says:

    Wait. What’s this? It’s just (D) House Rep Ro Kahnna vouching for Bobulinski, who has implicated the Biden family in influence peddling around the world. This story has legs, it’s not just some ‘vast right wing conspiracy theory.’

  30. Manny says:

    Bill you forgot that the permits were given in 2017. You also failed to comprehend the article, so either you are not to smart or you are purposely lying.

    Trump deducted the loss on his income tax, so either he lied about the loss or he lied on his income tax returns. I am sure that it will be investigated and he will either flee to Russia or spend the rest of his life behind bars.

    You like Trump lie, lie, and then lie some more. Trump is an idiot, you may not be.

  31. Manny says:

    By the way Bill that link to twitter does not vouch for what the Trump accomplice said is true. You keep thinking that you are dealing with the low IQ crowd that you normally hang around with.

  32. Bill Daniels says:

    OK, Manny,

    Again, from your own article:

    “The loan was taken out in 2005. The loan was forgiven in 2012. The permits were granted in 2017 after Donald Trump became president.”

    So, for us to connect the dots to your conspiracy theory, we would have to believe that the energy company knew FIVE YEARS before Trump became president that he would indeed be the president and would approve permits for them.

    You don’t see that as a stretch? Moreso, Trump is pro energy. He doesn’t need to be bribed to approve energy permits for domestic production…..he ran on just that!

  33. Manny says:

    I guess you are just stupid and don’t understand the article. I know what it says and what it means. Your god is a crook, nothing new there.

  34. Bill Daniels says:

    Explain it to the class, Manny. Your theory is a loan settled in 2012 was a straight up bribe for an action by Trump FIVE YEARS IN THE FUTURE! An action, by the way, that is totally consistent with the platform Trump ran and won on.

    What am I missing, Manny? Specifically? And while you are at it, explain to the class why a lifelong D donor and voter, who is personally vouched for by a D House member, is a Trump stooge. Was he a plant all these years, just waiting for Trump to become president and go public about influence peddling by the Biden family?

    Lay it all out for us, Manny….we’ll wait.

  35. Bill Daniels says:

    Explain also why a cybersecurity expert used by the Washington Post and the AP authenticates the damning Hunter influence peddling emails as real……NOT fake ‘Russian disinformation’ like the Hillary purchased Piss Dossier.

  36. Manny says:

    Bill there is a saying that says, you can’t teach stupid. I can’t help you understand.

    But you are a persistent liar, just like the orange god you which you kneel to.

  37. Bill Daniels says:


    You either can’t, or won’t explain a fairly short article from Daily KOS to us. It’s not rocket science, they’re talking about LNG and an alleged forgiven loan that private citizen Trump got. Over half the text is scaremongering about why LNG is bad, having NOTHING to do with an alleged Trump scandal or crime. And speaking about the implication of a crime, notice there is no documentation of any of this, just random allegations, but OK, whatever.

    Manny, what does it say about your education at OSU that you can’t explain a simple one page article to us? You can’t explain the theory of the crime being alleged. Why is that? I thought you were a lawyer. You’re supposed to be able to explain difficult concepts to sad sacks that couldn’t figure out how to get out of jury duty. Surely you can explain this one page criminal conspiracy to me in terms I can understand.

    Lord knows I’ve spent enough time trying to explain the Biden family’s international influence peddling operation to you, complete with documentation, 3rd party authentication of documents, and even a long time Democrat donor vouched for by a Dem. House Rep. who corroborates what I’ve been trying to explain to you.

    If you were giving arguments in moot court at OSU, which argument do you think would be more compelling to the profs there, judging you?

  38. Manny says:

    Bill where the us come from, you are the only that seems to be able to understand. Let me repeat can’t teach stupid.

    A few years back a guy said if we taxed stupid we could do away with the property tax.

    Law degree is from the University of Houston.

    I don’t understand you believe every thing you read that seems to help the orange buffoon, but yet demand proof when it works against him.

    Does not work that way Bill, if you are going to believe, believe.

    Bill why haven’t you asked about the millions that Trump got in Turkey, while turning a blind eye to Turkey circumventing Iran sanctions?

    If the debt was forgiven, cannot use it for tax avoidence as it was not a loss. Below is another article.

  39. Bill Daniels says:


    “If the debt was forgiven, cannot use it for tax avoidance as it was not a loss. Below is another article.”

    Manny, if the debt was forgiven, then it counts as income in the year the debt was written off, just like if you got a personal loan from a payday lender, and they finally gave up on collecting it because the statute of limitations on collection had run out. It’s income to you in the year they gave up on it. Yes, it’s income to you, but let’s say you had a loss that same year, maybe a hurricane damaged your house and you were uninsured or under insured. You can offset the income you made with the loss you sustained. This isn’t rocket science.

    The Forbes article is more breathless reporting of financial dealings by private citizen Trump. So F’n what? They specifically say his Chicago project came to completion right as the 2008 financial crisis was upon us, so he wasn’t able to sell as many high end condos as planned. That financial collapse hit everyone, Manny. They specifically report that Trump offset the money Trump made by not repaying the loan in full, with losses he suffered on his investments. That’s normal business. Nothing nefarious about it. There’s nothing illegal to see here, Manny. There’s not even anything unethical to see here, Manny.

    Compare that with the Biden family collecting payola from Burisma to get the prosecutor Shokin fired and get the Ukrainian government off the back of Burisma’s founder. We have verified emails of that deal being discussed. Compare that with proven valid emails where “10% held by H for the Big Guy.’ Compare that with Hunter complaining to his kids that Pop gets half of all his earnings. Again, proven valid emails. Compare that with Quid Pro Joe BRAGGING that “You’re not getting the billion dollars if the prosecutor isn’t fired. Well son of a bitch, he got fired!”

    I’ll look at your link on Turkey, and respond, I just haven’t done that yet.

    In the mean time, I expect a guy who graduated from the UH Law Center to be able to explain where the corrupt crime is on the LNG story. I’m still waiting for that. Explain it to us, Manny. You suck as a lawyer if you can’t explain that, no matter HOW stupid you think I am. What if I was on the jury and you were trying to convince me? So do it! Let’s see that high powered legal mind in action, Manny!

  40. Manny says:

    Bill, let me repeat what kind of stupid you are. I got you off the rambling stupidity of Hunter this Hunter that BS that you were pushing, and pushing, and pushing.

    Trump is a crook, so he wants to bring everyone down to his level, so called leveling the playing field.

    Have a good evening, come back on Wednesday and gloat if the orange buffoon wins. Because I guarantee you that in spite of their coup attempts via the courts, you and the other racists, bigots, and fascists will fail.

  41. Manny says:

    BTW Bill, if it makes you feel better I did not vote for Hunter Biden.

  42. C.L. says:

    I wish I had that kind of time in my day/week. Someone has to make the donuts.

  43. Chinye Achapu says:

    Lol Vietnamese cops in Houston: either do too much or too little.