Republicans take aim at bail reform

Lots of bad ideas in here.

Sen. Joan Huffman

Members of the Texas Senate Committee on Jurisprudence held their first hearing this week over Senate Bill 21, a controversial bail reform bill backed by Republicans.

The purpose of the bill according to its author Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston) is to prevent repeat violent offenders from committing new crimes after being released on personal bond. A personal bond is an agreement to appear in court that allows a defendant to be released without any financial obligation, unlike a cash bond or a surety bond with a bail company.

Opponents who testified against the legislation Thursday warned that language of the bill goes much further than simply attempting to keep violent criminals locked up.

“This is a work in progress, I know this bill is not perfect, I know it’s not ready to be passed,” Huffman, who chairs the committee said at the beginning of the hearing.

Under the text of the bill, a person charged with a crime would not be eligible for release if they have recently failed to appear in court for another offense, if they have been charged with any other crime after being released on bond, or if they have been recently convicted of a felony, Class A or B misdemeanor. That includes charges for resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, prostitution and many other non-violent offenses.

To be clear, so-called violent repeat offenders would still be able to be bailed out of jail, just not on personal bond, which waives the financial obligation meant to incentive someone to appear in court.


Mike Fields, a former Republican judge in Harris County Criminal Court at Law No. 14, testified against the bill calling it an “overreach” and a return to the bad old days.

Fields said he was an original defendant in the O’Donnell lawsuit, the major lawsuit that was filed against the county’s wealth-based bail detention system and which ended in a settlement that allowed for the release of a majority of misdemeanor defendants.

“I switched from my position of opposition to the O’Donnell lawsuit to agreeing with it, I was only one of two judges who did,” Fields said.

He said that the 72 homicides in Harris County committed by people out on bond in 2020 — a figure cited by Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg earlier in her testimony in support of the bill — were largely done by defendants with surety bond, or bonds posted by a bail bond company.

“I learned after 20 years of being a Republican judge in Harris County, that money does not make us safer,” Fields said. “Conditions make us safer. Assessment makes us safer. Using smarter strategies to keep people who need to be incarcerated, incarcerated, and those who don’t out. That’s what makes us safer.”

Fields said the conflation with misdemeanor and felony cases had led to legislation like SB 21 that would cast a broad net hurting taxpayers and slowing the work of criminal courts.

Emily Garrick, an attorney with the Texas Fair Defense Project, a criminal justice nonprofit and one of the groups involved in the O’Donnell v. Harris County lawsuit, said SB 21 would allow people who don’t have money to stay in jail and those who do to be released from jail despite having similar charges — a violation of the decision by federal judges that ruled Harris County’s wealth-based pre-trial detention system to be unconstitutional for that very reason.

Another aspect of SB 21 grilled during the hearing was the bill’s restrictions on charitable bail organizations, or groups (often churches or advocacy groups) that organize bail funds to help defendants who could otherwise not pay for their release. Among other things, the bill would only allow charitable bail organizations to pay bail bonds for defendants charged with misdemeanors and would restrict them from paying no more than $2,000 for each defendant they want to help.

This Trib story from earlier in March covered a lot of this ground already, while Grits has noted that much of this bill is or will be in conflict with federal court rulings. This is a classic “solution in search of a problem” situation, with a side order of retaliation against Harris County and its Democratic judiciary. It’s very likely that this bill will evolve before it comes to a vote, but it’s much less likely that it will transform into something productive.

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48 Responses to Republicans take aim at bail reform

  1. You know what is bad idea? Criminals on P.R. bonds killing cops. People on P.R. Bonds committing more crimes. It is all about how you want to live.
    This is the guy that does not need to be in jail because he might lose his job.

  2. Manny says:

    What the Republicans/Fascists are doing is part of their hate promoting to their racist base. Like some people have already done they will put black and brown faces on the people that are out on bond so they can scare the white racist base.

    I clicked on the link above and what did I find? A brown face, what a surprise. Nah that is what Republicans/Fascists do.

    By the way, that person on the link had paid a bond, so some bond companies help get a killer out, so maybe we need to get rid of those bond companies that are letting out killers?

    “A new report examining the impact of recent changes to bail practices in Harris County found that releasing more misdemeanor defendants from jail without requiring cash bail did not lead to an increase in arrests for reoffending.

    The findings are being cited as a win by criminal justice reform advocates who have long argued that cash-bail requirements unfairly penalize poor defendants who can’t afford release from jail before trial.

    Wednesday’s report was the first by independent monitors appointed by a federal judge as part of a settlement order in a lengthy lawsuit that led to changes in the bail system in Texas’ most populous county. Civil rights groups have noted the case as the first to put America’s cash bail system on trial in federal court.”

  3. It is all about how you want to live. More dead cops. You scream racist so much that it is meaningless when you say it. Like I said. Your hero.

  4. Manny says:

    Paul, you are a scaremonger, maybe you did not understand that the link you provided was a person who was out because he had paid the bond(s).

    You accuse me of screaming race all the time and what is it that you and your kind do with the dog whistles?

    Do you even realize that most police officers are killed by white people? You know the Republican kind.

    No police died during a BLM protest, but two did when people that supported Trump like you did try to overthrow the government.

    If you are smart enough you could probably link to one protest where two police officers were killed, but they were killed by a white Trump supporter.

    Your I am rubber you are glue does not work Paul.

    I want an America where we are all equal and your kind doesn’t make minorities the boogeymen.

  5. Manny says:

    There were 511 officers killed in felonious incidents and 540 offenders from 2004 to 2013, according to FBI reports. Among the total offenders, 52 percent were white, and 43 percent were black.

    The FBI provided The Fact Checker a detailed database of victim officers and offenders in felonious incidents, accidental deaths and assaults with injury, from the early 1980s.

    From 1980 to 2013, there were 2,269 officers killed in felonious incidents, and 2,896 offenders. The racial breakdown of offenders over the 33-year period was on par with the 10-year period: 52 percent were white, and 41 percent were black.

    Latinos very seldom kill police officers.

  6. Manny says:

    Paul my first wife was a police sergeant, she was shot in the back three times by a white man. So leave your assumption that I hate cops out of the equation. Two of my brothers are retired HPD and I have two nephews that are police officers here in Harris County.

    You may care about money, but I seriously doubt that you care about police officers. That is my opinion on the matter.

  7. Bill Daniels says:


    Why don’t you take a look at the pictures of Biden stacking your people in cages, wrapped in tin foil, right here in Texas. And true to form, your people are raping and assaulting each other while in custody. I guess there’s nothing else to do all day.

    This is what YOU voted for, Manny.

  8. Manny says:

    Bill, stick your racism up your backside, my people are Americans that love this country, not backward anal openings like yourself.

    My people have fought in every major war in this country, since the Civil War. Can you claim the same Bill?

  9. Manny says:

    Project Veridas is a right-wing fascist group that specializes in lies, one of your type of people, Bill.

  10. Bill Daniels says:


    Don’t be bashful now. You don’t identify as American (you hate America), so stop lying to us; you identify as Chicano, as a BROWN. You self segregate. I don’t do that. You define yourself entirely by, and are consumed by race. OK, then, these are your people, Manny, fellow browns. They aren’t my people, because I’m an American. Sadly, YOU are my people, because you’re an American, even though you loathe me and loathe yourself for being American.

    Look at the Biden burrito pics, Manny. You voted for this. Own it.

  11. Ross says:

    Bill, your God Trump did the same thing. What would you do with thousands of unaccompanied children? Shoot them?

  12. Bill Daniels says:


    All Biden had to do to succeed in this area is to continue the very successful Trump policies, namely, don’t let anyone in, and trebuchet anyone caught in the US right back to Mexico…..the MPP. Trump had Mexico actually working to control THEIR southern border. Hell, even AMLO says the Trump policies were working. Mexico (the non cartel part of Mexico) doesn’t benefit from hordes of illegals flowing through Mexico, bringing their crime, trash, drugs, etc. with them.

    Trump built (part of, anyway) the wall to help our BP repel invaders, and most importantly, Trump made it clear that illegals were not welcome, so the numbers decreased dramatically. Who wants to blow $ 8-10K on a drug cartel coyote when you very well might get caught and get sent back anyway, out all that money for nothing?

    So, what would I do? I’d immediately re-institute Trump’s policies, I’d deport every swinging dick back to Mexico, including all those kids who are either assaulting, or being assaulted. I’d resume building the wall, especially since the contractors are getting paid for not working, while their contracts wind down.

    And finally, since these illegals are such a huge benefit wherever they go, staying in their own countries is going to make El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, etc., great, so we’re actually helping those countries by letting them keep their most successful citizens. We have no right to deprive the world of their best and brightest.

  13. Jason Hochman says:

    Not sure if bail reform is part of the cause of the Murder-demic that plaguing Houston. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A LIE, IT IS JUST SPECULATING AS TO CAUSES OF THE MURDER-DEMIC. Unfortunately, no scientists are bothering to study the murder-demic.

    Not sure that I believe the Project Veritas photos. The press and the public do not have access to the Donna facility in S. Texas. I would like to go and see the cages for myself, but it is not possible.

    And, Project Veritas, I thought that was the organization that set up ACORN offices with the fake prostitute and her pimp. The Project failed to mention that some of the ACORN offices did contact police or social services after the actors left the interviews at ACORN. The Project is presenting a slanted perspective on its publications, so I want to go to see the cages myself.

  14. Lobo says:


    Guys … “my” people or otherwise, wise or not so much:

    If we are going to do the tallies of the dead, maybe we should take a big-picture view and consider efficiency: How to maximize the numbers of lives to be saved by channeling prosecutorial resources to get big bang for the buck. And focus on those lording over the killing fields.

    According to the Trib, the tally from the “winter storm grid event” now stands at 57.

    Please recall that this was a wo/man-made disaster: Industry operatives deliberately shut off electric power to residential customers and people died as a result. Only a small percentage of the electricity interruptions was caused by downed lines.

    Granted, the technical/operational people in the control rooms were “just following orders” like the Wehrmacht grunts (aka Fritzes, at the time) in World War II. So, no need for a Nurembourg tribunal for them. And their families suffered too. Few were able to evacuate to Cancun.

    But what about those who gave the orders to cut “human-needs” customers off to reduce demand and jack up the price to the max; and then justified the cull for the greater good of the grid. Not to mention dispensing actionable insider information to a select group of buddies on Wall Street so preferred profiteers could keep their ill-gotten gains or at least optimize their moves in the markets? And make more money by issuing bonds to finance the unpayable debt imposed by fiat on the victims of the monumental PUC-ERCOT-sponsored rip-off? – Sorry for the disruption, financial market participants. You know, those pesky politicians down here, etc … Securititzation on the horizon post-No-to-repricing.

    Perhaps we should put folks like the three PUC Commissioners, most notably Arthur “Two-Step with BOA” and ERCOT CEO Bill Magnus in jail to chill, or at least keep them away from the levers of power, figuratively as much as literally.

    Admittedly, that won’t do much good with respect to the damage already done and won’t resurrect the dead, but the same is true generally of public policies designed to control conduct through deterrence. Although — importantly –victim compensation could be added at the back end of prosecutions resulting in conviction, as a condition of penalty reduction and redemption in one form or another.

    If we want to save lives, perhaps we should pay more attention to those in control, and their criminal accountability. The targets would be white-collar, of course, so they will likely establish their entitlement to bail-not-jail (pending trial) with the benefit of the best the criminal defense bar has to offer.

    But it shouldn’t just warm the hearts of the defense bar. The ramifications are broader.


    Brother Kubosh should be able to support million-dollar bail for well-paid captains of industry who might have engaged in market-manipulation in a declared disaster and their nominally or purported public-sector allies and agents.

    That would surely beat having to foreclose on rinky-dink bail-bond collateral in run-down neighborhoods from Bill Daniel’s paradigmatic just-sign-the-house-away Aunties and Mommas. It would be good for the bail bonding business. Much better than the toil of a quotidian bottom feeder.

    The prospect of a large bail bond bonanza created by a high-profile roll of white-collar arrestees.


    All we need now is the political will to prosecute those who orchestrated and executed the epic multibillion dollar heist, and hold them criminally accountable.

    And since the lion’s share of prosecuting is done at the county level, we shouldn’t have to wait for the feds or AG Paxton to shed light on what ERCOT is trying to hide by fighting open-records requests; stuff the “Independent” Market Monitor won’t disclose because it’s in the paymasters’ interest to keep it under wraps as sensitive and confidential: Such as who were the “net gainers” from the exorbitant $9,000 p/MWh pricing.

    If — or given that — everything boils down to dollars, the bail bond sector should be on board with it. And it’s time to go big. Especially if ERCOT is immunized to legal claims made by its victims and can’t be held liable it tort.

    And why stop with the PUCksters and the CEO? What about ERCOT’s board? Did they play no role in failing to require winterization and in facilitating, if not promoting, the power players’ ability to profit from scarcity?


    Sami Sparber, ‘At least 57 people died in the Texas winter storm, mostly from hypothermia: The deaths occurred in at least 25 counties. And 25 of the fatalities occurred in Harris County. Some Texas deaths were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning and medical equipment failure.’ TEXAS TRIBUNE (March 15, 2020).

  15. Bill Daniels says:

    Democrat, Hispanic Texas border town mayor’s thoughts on Biden’s changes:

  16. Bill Daniels says:


    Would you believe photos taken by a Democrat congressman, posted on a leftist news site?

  17. Jason Hochman says:

    Houston Chronicle Web page posted those photos also. And Cuellar is a Democrat!

  18. Manny says:

    Typical racist bs from Bill. Bill, have you ever bothered to even see what most people say a Chicano is? Of course, not your stupidity is only exceeded by hate for anyone that is not white and fascist.

    Bill, you have made very clear what you think of none white fascist people. To quote you from a prior post;

    give orders for the soldiers to shoot to kill any person entering the kill zone from the Mexican side, period. Women? Children? Old people? Military age males? Waste anyone that crosses from Mexico into the US. Back that up with predator drones . and perhaps an A-10 every 3 or 4 hundred miles, for close air support for larger groups, and you’ve secured the border, with no fences.

    Like I stated if one wants a safer America, get rid of the Bill Daniels of America, they are hateful women hater racists, and bigots. They like Bill Daniels represent the Republican Party.

    Notice that the other fascists/racists that post here never ever contradict what Bill Daniels states. Jason is a perfect example.

  19. David Fagan says:

    I don’t read what Bill Daniels posts, I guess that means I’m not a fascist, a racist, or a bad cook with an overgrown lawn.

    Whew! I was REALLY worried there for a minute.

  20. Jason Hochman says:

    I am certainly not a fascist/racist/Trump supporter. Note that I did question Bill’s source of Project Veritas, which I don’t trust at all, but he did counter with another source, and, as I later found, the Houston Chronicle posted the same photos of the kids in the cages and covered in foil blankets.

    Pointing out the photos in the news doesn’t make one a fascist/racist.

  21. Bill Daniels says:

    Good link, Manny, going back and rereading two years ago all about how a wall could not be built, that it wouldn’t work, that no Americans were going to build it. Let’s just say that some of y’all’s posts aged…..poorly.


    “Manny Barrera
    January 14, 2019 at 9:47 pm

    Good luck in finding Americans doing the labor on building that wall.”

    Hey Manny, guess what? Americans were indeed building the wall, right up until Biden ordered them out of a job, just like the KeystoneXL workers, who he also put out of a job, and the 140 year old Adams paper mill that will be closing thanks to Biden, and the Ford plant that will be moving to MX, thanks to Biden. I think you can see a pattern here, Biden is waging war on American workers. But you don’t care about those union workers, because hey, you’re retired, living on those sweet, sweet gub’mint Social Security checks.

  22. Manny says:

    Bill, they did bring in Mexicans for the wall, do some research. They, also, brought in Mexicans to guard the construction.

    Jason, I don’t know why you all bring up illegal immigration as if I care about that. I am not and have never been in favor of illegal immigration. But, people like you and Bill are hypocrites. I favor the use of E-Verify. Arizona used it and it did help. They just did not go far enough as to who should be required to use. I, also, am in favor of a national ID.

    Like the drugs that flow north where the money is, so does the labor.

  23. Manny says:

    By the way, Bill and Jason, if anyone was really interested in stopping the flow of people coming here from Central America they only need to pay Mexico to stop it at its southern border. It is a much smaller border there. That would be if they didn’t require the use of e-verify with severe penalties for not using.

    If I thought the wall would stop anyone, I would be in favor of it.

    I am not in favor of separating the parents from the children. The parents separating themselves and sending very young children then it is on them.

  24. Manny says:

    “The idea of building a 1,000-mile wall which is designed to be impenetrable is something that may well come back to haunt the president,” Steer said.

    He described the project as “a highly effective and eye-catching election tweet but a pretty unrealistic tendering opportunity as currently reported.

    “You’ve got to build roads to move the materials and machinery and get the workforce to the location as the wall is being built,” he said. “You would need a very big labour force to build it – some 40,000 people working over five years.”

    Steer said the workforce would probably be drawn mostly from the Mexican side of the border as semi-skilled construction wages are much lower and there are more Mexican settlements close to the border.

    “There would be a certain irony of getting Mexicans to build it,” Steer said. “It would likely be a mixed labour force, but Mexicans would be much less expensive.”

    The high cost of transporting the approximately 44m cubic yards of concrete and 9m tonnes of steel to the site is likely to lead builders to rely on mostly Mexican-owned cement and concrete plants.

    Analysts at Bernstein investment bank plotted the location of nearby plants and quarries and found that the Mexican building company Cemex was best-positioned to provide materials on both sides of the border.

  25. Manny says:

    Bill and Jason, you all rhetoric is only to help push hate against anyone that does not like you all.

    Push hate on,
    Asians, yes
    Mexican looking, yes
    Blacks have been on the hate list for hundreds of years.

    There was another mass shooting in Colorado, chances are that it will be a white male.

  26. Bill Daniels says:


    “By the way, Bill and Jason, if anyone was really interested in stopping the flow of people coming here from Central America they only need to pay Mexico to stop it at its southern border. It is a much smaller border there.”

    Trump did exactly what you suggested, and it helped a lot. Biden put a stop to it. And your article from 2017 didn’t age well, either. Turns out American companies using American citizen labor built almost 500 miles of wall in less than 2 years. Imagine how much wall could have been built since, if Biden hadn’t stopped it.

    And when you see the videos of illegals pouring across the border, you’ll note they are coming through where there is no wall, or where the wall has an unfinished section. That’s an easily fixable problem, Trump was doing it.

  27. Manny says:

    There you go with the lies again, Bill. They were pouring in during Trump, he just lied to you racist idiots and you believed him.

    Bill, Biden has stopped any such policy.

    This year’s uptick is still modest compared with 2019, when border officials apprehended more than 76,000 unaccompanied minors.

    Bill, Mexico is still enforcing immigration at its border. Those coming in are the ones that were waiting across the border where they were waiting.

    Stop hiring them and you will have less of a problem. That is your party that mostly favors that Bill.

    Mr Biden has so far left a Trump-era Covid-19 emergency policy in place, which allows US authorities to expel almost all undocumented migrants seeking entry – bypassing normal immigration laws and protections.

    But unlike Mr Trump, Mr Biden has decided not to refuse entry to migrant children or teenagers.

    Those people that are coming in are mostly seeking asylum, there is a law that deals with that. If Republicans were against it they should have passed a law that would not allow it. Big problem there we ask other countries to help those seeking asylum.

    Bill you are about hating anyone that isn’t white Bill.

  28. Manny says:

    Bill, I know you can’t prove that those companies used American labor, exclusively. There is nothing out there that mentions that, but link to it if you have such a link.

    You are a lying racist human, Bill.

  29. Bill Daniels says:


    From your Salon article:

    “According to the document, the president of Ultimate Concrete admitted that he knew about the use of the guards, and said that “he is making payments to citizens of Mexico who reside near the border in order to keep them from stealing equipment and supplies.”

    Ultimate Concrete had to pay the adjacent Mexicans to NOT steal their equipment. Think about that. He had to pay off thieving Mexicans, paying the equivalent of protection money, to ensure his shit wouldn’t walk off during the night. You know who he did NOT have to pay off? A: The American landowners. Americans didn’t require payment to not steal, but the criminal corrupt Mexicans needed the ‘mordida.’

    Why you think this is a good argument is beyond me, Manny. It just shows me why we need that wall, so Mexicans won’t come over and steal stuff, which has been going on since Pancho Villa.

  30. Manny says:

    Bill, you are a racist, that supports white supremacy and the overthrow of this country. You, Bill, are a traitor and should self deport yourself. I doubt any country would take you.

    From you Bill, to support my statement above.

    Just as the Dems have taken a hard left to Marxism, R’s have also been been co-opted by tea party, America loving, America First populists. When the Tea Party was first a thing, the establishment Republicans were able to quickly co-opt and pacify those folks….effectively neutering them. Then Trump came along and inspired them to not sit in the back of the bus again. The establishment R’s, the Chamber of Commerce, pro illegal alien folks, have had to either evolve and support Trump the populist and his rock solid base, or just expose themselves as the uniparty weasels they actually are. The ‘Lincoln Project,’ the Bushes, Romneys, McCains……this is why they support Biden against their supposed own party’s leader.
    Trump is all the things they are not; he’s a fighter, he’s unashamedly pro-America, and they hate that. The current insurrection by the left perfectly exemplifies this. After 4 years of unrelenting attacks on Trump, we are now at the race war/open Marxist destroy America’s cultural institutions, it’s culture, and it’s way of life part of the program, and lookie who is meekly accepting all of that. Shameful.
    Trump and a few allies in Congress are all that is standing against rioters destroying our culture and heritage. Trump’s speech, his program at Mt. Rushmore was inspirational. It is his…….it’s OUR line in the sand.
    So, as the globalist Bush told us, “You’re either with us, or with the terrorists.” Today’s terrorists are the domestic terrorists who are tearing up our country. David and Howie need to have gut check time. Is that what they really want for America? Do they want to be forced to pledge fealty to the leftist mob, or will they stand firm, and stand with Trump, who, at the moment, is really all that is keeping the Marxists at bay?
    This shouldn’t be a hard choice.

  31. Manny says:

    Bill, it shouldn’t be too hard to find that I don’t support illegal immigration. You have not found it have you, LOL.

    But I can find many things to prove you are a hateful person, i.e.;

    It is also obvious that Meghan wears the pants in your family because otherwise you would not have used your dog whistle to mock our president. You used to be a real man who other men looked up to. Now you’re seen as nothing more than a milquetoast.
    Sadly, you went from a hero in 2008, when you served on the front lines in Afghanistan, to a henpecked husband now. You have been turned into a puppet whose strings are being pulled by a domineering bitch.
    And your press is nearly as bad as the daily attacks against the President by the Trump-hating media. The only good press you get is in the US, but only when you bad-mouth President Trump.
    Your fame-hungry wife is achieving her goal. There is even talk about her being a future presidential candidate. Horrors!!
    Harry, I’m sure you are having great sex and getting mind-blowing blow jobs, but when all is said and done, your marriage will eventually head for the rocks. And it will most likely be a bitter and contentious divorce involving the custody of your wonderful son Archie. But when it’s all over, you’ll be rid of the domineering bitch.

    LOL! While I would agree with most that this isn’t the typical BJP subject matter, surprise, surprise, surprise…..I pretty much agree with Howie. While I don’t give a crap about royalty or Hollywood celebrity, I can recognize a guy who is desperately trying to get along by adopting his wife’s politics. Howie’s right….it won’t ever be enough, no woman will respect that weakness, and she’ll eventually leave him when she thinks she can maximize her payout. And he will deserve what he gets for choosing poorly.

  32. Bill Daniels says:

    ” That is your party that mostly favors that Bill.”

    Wrong! I’m with Trump. I’m a Trump supporter, and if you were honest, you’d at least agree that Trump supporters don’t want ANY illegals here. We’re pretty up front about wanting the ones already here to be deported, and the ones trying to get in repelled.

    As far as ‘seeking asylum,’ that’s bullshit, and you know it. Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador…..their governments don’t have some kind of pogrom against kids. They aren’t being persecuted for their religion, or their ethnicity, or their political views….they’re just poor and want to move to a first world country. GMAFB, Manny.

  33. Manny says:

    Bill, you took a small part of the entire Bill and somehow want to claim that they were not using illegal labor.

    You are a known liar Bill; A known racist. A known bigot. A known misogynist. Bill, you are an all-around despicable excuse for a human being.

    Bill on covid;

    “I happen to think he brought in the best minds and leaders to deal with the outbreak.”

    I disagree. Fauci and Birx are both compromised. They are tied up with Bill Gates and his vaccine quest, and both seem to be doing everything in their power to quash hydrochloroquine/z pack treatment, because, being off patent, there’s not a huge amount of money to be made vs. coming up with a vaccine

    The interests of Fauci and Birx are not the interests of the American people, and definitely not the interest of the American economy.

  34. Bill Daniels says:

    “Bill, it shouldn’t be too hard to find that I don’t support illegal immigration. You have not found it have you, LOL.”


    You support open borders and the 3rd World invading the US. Need proof? If you were actually against illegals flooding the country, you would have supported Trump in his successful efforts to slow it down and stop it. But you don’t. You can’t even say, “I hate Orange Man, but he was doing good with stopping illegals, which is something I support.”

    And here you are, illegal hordes are flooding in, and you have zero criticism about it, or about muh kids in cages, muh kids in la heladeras. Biden is beyond criticism, because you want this. You want the BP overwhelmed so illegals, drugs, trafficked women and kids can make it through unimpeded.

  35. Manny says:

    Your stupidity is showing again Bill, but let us respond to the first part of your stupidity. Most of the people seeking asylum will be turned down.

    As to those people from Central America, many if not most of them are indigenous (that would be Indians for stupid people like you Bill) people, and maybe they are persecuted for that reason. The US certainly has a history of doing that to the indigenous people that were here before the white men came.

    You have a lot to learn about people Bill, but I doubt that you care about us brown-skinned folks all of who look the same to you. I can usually tell if someone is from Central America.

  36. Bill Daniels says:


    Your claim: The American contractors used MX labor to build the wall.

    The facts, according to your own article: The American contractors had to pay a mordida to Mexicans to keep them from stealing the wall materials and construction site.

    1) They paid Mexicans, on the Mexican side of the wall as ‘security guards.’ While it does seem a lot like paying the Mob protection money, paying foreigners in their own country for a service is not illegal, and as long as they didn’t cross to the American side, they were never, at any time, illegal aliens. It’s pathetic that the construction folks had to do that, but then, it’s Mexico, so of course they had to pay Mexicans off not to steal.

    2) You’re trying, unsuccessfully, I might add, to imply that Mexicans were employed to build. They weren’t. They were paid to keep other Mexicans from stealing.

    In any event, I’m tired, so have a good evening, Manny. It’s been fun!

  37. Manny says:

    Bill, where are the links and my quote in support of illegal immigration. I didn’t like Trump because he a racist and bigot like you.

    So because I don’t criticize Biden for keeping the children, I support illegal immigration. I don’t do that because you racist are already pushing it hard on all your media.

    Trump didn’t stop illegal immigration. You are a fool Bill.

    Bill, most people come to the US legally and stay past their time, that is how most illegal immigration occurs. Trump didn’t stop that.

    Very week argument, but you are very stupid Bill. I will wait for something I stated that shows that I am for illegal immigration.

    But just to prove to you that I am not in favor and have stated as much, why not go look for what I post. I do have a blog.

    My SSL certificate expired and I just got around to paying for it, but here is the opening of my opinion on illegal immigration.

    Immigration, immigration, the two thousand pound gorilla that nobody really wants to deal with.

    First, I am no bleeding hard liberal. I believe that illegal immigration harms the brown skin folks already here the hardest, well, at least those who work with their hands, construction, restaurants, agricultural workers, etc. It also certainly has an impact on the black folks that also work with their hands. Being from a family that has lived along the border for hundreds of years, I was well aware of how businesses would use Mexicans to make sure that their workers worked hard and very low wages. From the 60s and the Farm Workers Strike, the following;

  38. Manny says:

    Good night Bill, are you stressed, Bill? Wondering how you will support yourself now that your mom’s ss check ain’t coming in?

  39. David Fagan says:

    Get a room ya’ll.

  40. Bill Daniels says:


    “There was another mass shooting in Colorado, chances are that it will be a white male.”

    Oops! The terrorist who shot up a grocery store is….Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa.

    He’s a Muzzie from Syria, Manny, one of the many anti-American people you support mass importing to the US. Your president, in fact, in one of his first acts, overturned Trump’s ban on people from terror hotbed countries, so Muzzies like this shooter can pour on in. But you don’t care, because he shot up a bunch of White people, so it’s all OK.

    And here’s my prediction. Once it becomes common knowledge that this was yet ANOTHER Muslim terror attack, the leftist MSM will disappear the story, with the quickness.

    And just for comparison, let’s see who Trump kept out of the country for 4 years:

    The Trump travel ban (sometimes called the “Muslim ban”) denotes a series of executive actions enacted by Donald Trump as President of the United States in 2017.[1][2] First, Executive Order 13769 placed stringent restrictions on travel to the United States for citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, SYRIA, and Yemen.[3]

    Trump kept out people just like the supermarket murderer. Your guy is letting them flood in.

  41. Bill Daniels says:

    Correction: The family last name is Al-Issa. Interesting that most of the MSM made the exact same mistake to make the guy sound white. Honest mistake, I’m sure.

  42. Lobo says:


    Assuming that the inference that the latest mass-shooter is from Syria is correct, how is a person from Mesopotamia not “white”? It’s closer to the Caucasus than, say, the Irish, Scots, or Brits, or the French and the various Teutonic tribes, if you prefer continental.

    So, I suppose, from that perspective, Manny would not be incorrect.

    That said, does it matter whether the shooter is “white”?

    And further: Does the race and ethnicity of the victims matter? And if so, what if the group is diverse in its composition? Do we apply some sort of majority rule? Is it still a racism thing if 5 are “white” and 5 are “black” or no “nonwhite” to be more exhaustingly inclusive?

    Perhaps we should step back and reflect, and wait for more case-specific information, before turning another mass shooting tragedy into an opportunity to denounce classes of people.

    Mesopotamia = between the rivers, i.e. Tigris and Euphrates, modern-day Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey and Syria.

  43. Manny says:

    Bill, he is a TRUMP. Loving white male, probably a fascist like you. Not to long ago you were bragging about people like him voting for tRUMP.

    No Lobo his whiteness or color does not make a difference to me. But to white supremacist like Bill, yes.

    How else do I pick on Bill?

  44. Bill Daniels says:

    Manny and Ross,

    Even socialist AMLO in MX knows Biden is screwing up.

    “Mexican president blames Biden for border crisis because ‘he created expectation that border crossing would be ‘easier’

    Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador blamed President Joe Biden for the border turmoil
    At a news conference Tuesday, López Obrador said the Democrat set ‘expectations’ that migrants would be treated better
    ‘And this has caused Central American migrants, and also from our country, wanting to cross the border thinking that it is easier to do so,’ he said”

  45. Manny says:

    Bill, I was going to not respond but I will on this post only.

    Rush L., gave me the expectation he was soon going to die, but he took his time to get there.

    So now you follow AMLO, the communist?

    There is evidence that the Russians and your fascists’ lovers here in this country are behind the lies that are being told south of the border.

    Who stands to gain by misinformation, you and the fascists, Russia, and Mexico.

    What the United States needs to do is just pull out of NAFTA, screw Mexico and the big corporations that send jobs south.

  46. Manny says:

    Bill, from the same article cited above

    Jenn Budd, a former Border Patrol agent turned whistleblower, said there is another group spreading disinformation and “intentionally looking to harm” Biden’s administration.

    “Border Patrol [agents] never stopped supporting Trump. They are keeping in bed with him, and they are doing a lot to discredit this new administration,” Budd said.

  47. David Fagan says:


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