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Show me your vaccine papers!

Wiat, wrong papers. Forget I just said that.

Gov. Greg Abbot issued an executive order early Tuesday banning state agencies from requiring “vaccine passports” to enter public spaces or receive public services.

The passports, either digital or printed, would verify that a person has been fully immunized against COVID-19 and allow people to more freely travel and shop.

So far, they only exist in a limited capacity in New York. Still, the passports have emerged as the latest subject of political clashes over the virus, with GOP politicians decrying the passes as an infringement on individual rights.

“Government should not require any Texan to show proof of vaccination and reveal private health information just to go about their daily lives,” Abbott said in a news release. “We will continue to vaccinate more Texans and protect public health — and we will do so without treading on Texans’ personal freedoms.”

“Unless you want to get an abortion or cast a vote, in which case we’ll be all up in your grill,” he did not say. I’m not going to waste your time on this silliness, but I will leave you these two items to ponder:

You just can’t make this stuff up.

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  1. Jason Hochman says:

    Certainly nobody should have to provide their vaccine records, anywhere, at anytime. It is a violation of HIPPAA privacy, and, if you are vaccinated, what does it matter if somewhat without the vaccination shows up.

    Gov Abbott is a good scientist, compared to the other governors. The fact that people who got Covid are treated like criminals is egregious. What has been done to the elderly and to children is shameful. The use of shaming, by the way, has decreased compliance with all of the Operation Stay Safe measures.

    It is time to end Project Fear.

  2. Ross says:

    Jason, requiring proof of vaccination is not a HIPAA violation. HIPAA applies to entities that hold medical records. You don’t have to show me your proof of vaccination and I don’t have to allow you into my business.

  3. Bill Daniels says:

    Impfstoff Macht Frei

  4. C.L. says:

    Damn, Dr. Hochman, at least get the acronym right.

    And, oh yeah, Greg Abbott is many things, but a scientist he is not.

  5. Jen says:

    Mostly Greg Abbott is a very self centered politician who kills thousands of people trying to secure his own political future.

    Won’t expand Medicaid- tens of thousands of vulnerable Texans dead. Hundreds of thousands of families bankrupt from medical bills.

    Won’t allow local health officials to determine mask and business policies, premature opening of businesses. Almost 50,000 dead of Covid-19 in Texas.

    And his operatives froze us all, some to death, causing millions of Texas to spend thousands of dollars each repairing their homes and businesses.

    Really, a great guy all around!

  6. Kibitzer says:


    Why would medical privacy even apply all of a sudden?

    Didn’t the Judicial Republicans tell us last year that having or not having immunity to COVID is not even a physical condition, not to mention a medical one?

    Here you have it, with link to opinion below:

    In re State, No. 20-0394, 602 S.W.3d 549, 560 (Tex. 2020) (we conclude that a lack of immunity to COVID-19 is not itself a “physical condition” for being eligible to vote by mail within the meaning of § 82.002(a)).,44

  7. Jason Hochman says:

    The federal government is not going to have vaccine passports, either. Time for everyone who simply criticizes everything that Gov. Abbott does to reboot their firmware.

  8. Kibitzer says:


    Requiring proof of vaxed-status is one thing, *prohibiting* governmental entities/political subdivisions and/or private-sector actors from requiring such proof as a condition for entering the business premises or receiving services is quite another.

    The Governor’s policy is proscriptive, not permissive or laissez-faire.

    Executive Order GA-35 takes away the freedom of public entities and private actors receiving public funds to make their own rules regarding vaccination passports. That’s more oppressive than the federal government simply *not* imposing a vax passport requirement (i.e., a laissez-faire approach).

    It’s also another example of one-man rule by decree (under emergency powers granted by the Texas Disaster Act) with no apparent deliberative process involved (at least not transparent to the public).

    When agencies make rules, there is at least a rulemaking process involved, with opportunity for input by stakeholders and the public. When the Lege considers a bill, there is at least discussion, with public hearings and media coverage before the policy is enacted.

    It’s also another example of Governor Abbott subduing local governments who want to do more to protect their constituents’ health, and constricting their ability make public policy they deem best for their respective jurisdiction under current local circumstances, which may be different from circumstances elsewhere in the state.

    See GA-35, para. 5: “This executive order shall supersede any conflicting order issued by local officials in response to the COVID-19 disaster.”

  9. Jason Hochman says:

    Making local government more powerful is not protecting health. I wouldn’t want Mayor Turner interfering in my health related decisions. He kills thousands on his out of control streets, and with the murder-demic.

    I have to ask Jen, why would Gov. Abbott make policies that cause people to die. What does he gain from it. If he kills his voters, they will come back as Biden voters.

  10. C.L. says:

    Cray, cray.

    Dr. Hochman, I’m starting to think I should dismiss your missives as the nonsensical or delusional ravings of a lunatic mind.

  11. Bill Daniels says:

    “I’d spend it on hookers and blow.”

    ~ C.L.

    “I ate too many drugs.”

    ~ George Floyd

    “Drugs are bad, m’kay?”

    ~ the school counselor from South Park

  12. Manny says:

    Bill Daniels;

    “give orders for the soldiers to shoot to kill any person entering the kill zone from the Mexican side, period. Women? Children? Old people? Military age males? Waste anyone that crosses from Mexico into the US. Back that up with predator drones . and perhaps an A-10 every 3 or 4 hundred miles, for close air support for larger groups, and you’ve secured the border, with no fences.”

  13. Jen says:

    And Bill, while we are at it, you should really consider combing those little drips of queso out of that raggedy hillbilly beard, your white power buddies might get suspicious and shoot you.

  14. Bill Daniels says:


    Good tip, thanks! Have you had a chance to remove those lead tainted piercings yet? Make sure and get rid of all of them….the nose, mouth, belly button, and, well, uh, just get rid of all of them, okay? I worry about you. 🙂

  15. Bill Daniels says:


    What’s the kids in concentration camp cages number up to now, 19,000? How many more little burritos in la heladeras is it going to take for you to admit your border policy is a failure?

    My border policy would have sacrificed a few hundred illegals, but would have absolutely flat lined illegal entry from our southern border after a few incursions were repelled.

    Of course, you could just finish the Trump wall and return to the Trump immigration policies and wouldn’t even have to shoot anyone and you’d have illegal entry down….just like it was at the end of Trump’s term. Either way.

  16. Jen says:

    See you in your dreams, Bill. (I’ll be making beefy cheese enchiladas.)

  17. Manny says:

    You are wrong about the number of kids in cages today. But I am glad that you are finally admitting that Trump and you and all other of his followers were nothing but Nazi lovers. Your solution is similar to Hitler’s final solution. I guess your argument would be if they had the war his final solution would have worked. Your parents raised a nice little Nazi. Didn’t they attack the people that pay you?

  18. Bill Daniels says:


    While my parents were raising me, you were raising a retard son whose only use in life, besides enabling you to collect an extra SSI check, seems to be for you to have an extra ballot to fill out, come voting time. You get yet another government check each month for caring for him now, don’t you? You’re a leach on society, Manny.

    And please, what’s your source about number of burritos in the Biden concentration camps?

    Here’s mine (and from an ultra lefty source, just for you):

    “Nearly 19,000 unaccompanied children entered U.S. custody along the southern border in March, an all-time monthly high that has forced the Biden administration to house migrant teenagers in convention centers, camps for oil workers and a military base, according to preliminary government data provided to CBS News.

    The historic number eclipses previous record-high migration flows of Central American teenagers and children that strained the government’s border processing capacity under Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump in 2014 and 2019, respectively.”

    I mean, we all know I don’t give a shit about traumatizing those kids, I just want them out of the US. But you, Manny, you’re supposed to care about this….but you clearly don’t. Why not? Why aren’t you protesting at the camp right here in Houston?

  19. Manny says:

    My son, is autistic, he is also adopted.

    Unlike the crazy Nazi bitch that raised you, I love children. Think of all the money I saved the government by raising him without any government assistance. He does get SSI, after I retired and started getting social security.

    Your mother is in hell, Bill. One day you will be with her. Your father probably left you both, when he realized what your mother and you were.

  20. Manny says:

    Bill, he does not vote.

    Like I stated a crazy Nazi bitch raised you Bill. She is in hell, Bill.

  21. Manny says:

    As to my source, Bill, that you are like all Nazi children full of manure. You are the source Bill;

    The first statement by Bill the son of a Nazi;

    “What’s the kids in concentration camp cages number up to now, 19,000?”

    Bill’s second statement;

    “Nearly 19,000 unaccompanied children entered U.S. custody along the southern border in March, an all-time monthly high that has forced the Biden administration to house migrant teenagers in convention centers, camps for oil workers and a military base, according to preliminary government data provided to CBS News.”

    Bill, your low-level IQ Nazi mind is poisoned. You can’t even see that you negated your own argument, Bill.

    Bill, I would not be surprised if my son’s bank account has more than you do in yours. I support my son with my money Bill.

    See that what happens when people like you are raised with government handouts, you think everyone else is doing the same.

  22. Jason Hochman says:

    I just have one question unrelated to personal attacks here:
    How can the people who support vaccine passports and think that’s OK, then turn around and say it is racist, draconian voter suppression to require an ID, any ID, to vote.

    How about if voters are required to show the last 15 years of their medical records in order to vote? Why not.

  23. Ross says:

    I don’t have an issue with requiring ID to vote, as long as it’s easily available and free for those who can’t afford it. And by free, I mean free for the birth certificate, or any other documentation that’s required, and free for the ID.

    Bill, the comment about Manny’s son was beyond offensive, even for you. There is a special place in Hell just waiting for you. I have a few friends with special needs kids that would be perfectly willing to use a baseball bat to beat you even more senseless than you already are for that kind of statement.