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“Born To Be Wild”

The family and I had the chance to see a preview of “Born To Be Wild”, a 3D IMAX movie at the Museum of Natural Science about saving orphaned elephants and orangutans on Thursday evening. We all loved it. I knew pretty much nothing about what the childhood (for lack of a better term) of these animals is like, or what the challenges are for saving those whose mothers have been poached or are otherwise unable to care for them so that they can be returned to the wild. The whole thing is about 40 minutes long, and there’s nothing scary or too intense for a little kid. Audrey did just fine watching it, though the 3-D glasses occasionally bothered her; Olivia was rapt from beginning to end. You can see a bit more about the animals and their caretakers at the HMNS blog. It’s good all-around family entertainment, so go check it out.