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You can always count on Sid Miller to be a bigot

There are other words I could have used as well. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is ordering his employees to dress “in a manner consistent with their biological gender,” the latest move by the state’s Republican leaders against transgender people. … Continue reading

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Misogyny is always a threat

It was there in plain sight. He could be cryptic, demeaning and scary, sending angry messages and photos of guns. If they didn’t respond how he wanted, he sometimes threatened to rape or kidnap them — then laughed it off … Continue reading

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Do better, NCAA

C’mon. This is ridiculous. The teams had barely landed in Texas when complaints of inequity between the women’s and men’s tournaments roared over social media posts noting the women’s weight training facilities in San Antonio were severely lacking compared to … Continue reading

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Some men just can’t take a joke

Poor babies. State Rep. Jessica Farrar accused some Republican men in the Texas House of engaging in “a retaliatory effort” against her over her filing of a bill that would fine men $100 for masturbating. On Tuesday, a separate and … Continue reading

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Boats N Hoes

With friends like these… The name of a fundraising group made waves in the tug-of-war between Republicans and Democrats over women voters on Wednesday. Political consulting firm employee Shaun Nowacki registered the political action committee, “Boats ‘N Hoes PAC,” with … Continue reading

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The buried lede on sexism in the Legislature

PDiddie thinks that the real shocker in that Observer story on sexism in the Texas Legislature wasn’t given the prominence it deserved. Even the most powerful women in the Legislature experience it. When I started interviewing women lawmakers, they all—Republican … Continue reading

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Unfair pay

Patricia Kilday Hart uncovers some skulduggery in one of Rick Perry’s vetoes. Gov. Rick Perry vetoed a bill that would have let victims of wage discrimination sue in state court after receiving letters against the measure from the Texas Retailers … Continue reading

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Changing the culture

Nonsequiteuse looks at the big picture. Let’s talk about changing the culture of the Texas legislature. What needs to happen, who needs to do it, what are the consequences, and how do we move forward. The first suggestion that always … Continue reading

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On sexism in the Legislature

Just go read Olivia Messer’s story in The Observer about that great bastion of good-ol-boyism, the Texas Legislature. It’s appalling, but sadly not unexpected, nor unsurprising. I’ve heard way too many stories like it, from way too many women, in … Continue reading

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Jones and Caynon, take two

If you thought that the fight between Council Member Jolanda Jones and Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association president Jeff Caynon was over, think again. Earlier this week, City Councilwoman Jolanda Jones sent out a letter with nearly 70 names collected … Continue reading

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Tuesday Council roundup

Council Member Sue Lovell, who is running hard for re-election after her close win in 2007, has added some fundraising muscle to her team. Houston Vice Mayor Pro Tem Sue Lovell announced today that Robert Miller would lead the Finance … Continue reading

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HFD’s shame

I really don’t know what there is to say about the recent ugliness within the Houston Fire Department. It’s a shame and an outrage, and I sincerely hope the steps Mayor White is taking go a long way towards making … Continue reading

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