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Bradford trial begins

Jury selection is complete for the cussin’-and-lyin’-about-it trial of Houston Police Chief C.O. “BAMF” Bradford. Twelve stouthearted and true fellow citizens will get to decide if he perjured himself or just has a (possibly convenient) leaky memory. Twenty potential jurors … Continue reading Continue reading

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Latino voting

Received a link to this interesting study of Latino voting patterns in my mailbox the other day. Here are the highlights: * The Latino vote for GOP Senate candidates was similar to prior years, at about one-third; gubernatorial candidates fared … Continue reading Continue reading

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Salon has a nice article (in Premium, alas) about how executions are often seen as giving “closure” to the families of the victims, when in reality this is not the case. Here’s an excerpt: No psychological study has ever concluded … Continue reading Continue reading

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Sponsored by…

Today is Inauguration Day in Texas, and like many things here and elsewhere it’s being brought to you by the generosity of a variety of corporate sponsors. Atop the list of contributors is ACS, a Dallas-based government services firm awarded … Continue reading Continue reading

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