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Yes, we have no bananas

Will bananas go extinct? Maybe, say Noted Scientists: It is one of the world’s favorite fruits, but the banana hasn’t had sex in years and its days may be are numbered. Without scientific help the sterile, seedless fruit could disappear … Continue reading Continue reading

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Prison reform touted for budget relief

An op-ed in today’s Chron suggests reducing the prison population as a means of helping the current budget crisis. It’s something I’ve talked about before (see here and here), and it’s something that I hope picks up momentum. As the … Continue reading Continue reading

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Like state, like city

In case I wasn’t concerned enough about federal and state budget shortfalls, now we know that the CIty of Houston is $67 million in the hole. There is some good news in that this number spans the 2002 and 2003 … Continue reading Continue reading

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Malcolm survives recall effort

Texas Democratic Party Chair Molly Beth Malcolm has survived an attempt to oust her before her term expires in 2004. Shortly before Malcolm’s speech [before the State Democratic Executive Committee], a small number of hard-line Democrats pushed a resolution urging … Continue reading Continue reading

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Anyone seen my stuff?

I posted a couple of entries yesterday afternoon, and was rather dismayed to see that they never made it onto my main page. After dinking around unsuccessfully, I finally posted a message to the Movable Type support forum. A few … Continue reading Continue reading

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