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Looking forward: Harris County Democrats

Seeing this article about the resignation of Harris County Democratic Party Chair Sue Schecter reminds me that I never did follow up on this post, which pointed to this article about the many things that the local party did wrong … Continue reading Continue reading

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Texans for Joe

Fellow Houston Democrat Greg Wythe has announced the launch of Texans for Joe in support of Joe Lieberman’s announcement that he is in fact running for President. I confess that Lieberman is not my first choice (I’d rank him behind … Continue reading Continue reading

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We have a number

The New and Improved Budget Deficit Estimate is $9.9 billion, nearly double the $5.1 billion estimate that Comptroller Strayhorn had once insisted on. This is an early AP wire story that mostly recycles its previous story, including Governor Goodhair’s attempted … Continue reading Continue reading

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It’s snowin’ down in Texas

The Dallas area got some snow over the weekend, causing minor problems for some people. It was cold and nasty here in Houston, but none of the white stuff – it wasn’t quite cold enough. Folks from Northern climes may … Continue reading Continue reading

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