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Can idiots ever really be useful?

Jim Henley, Oliver Willis, Atrios, and Patrick Nielsen Hayden say they are not bothered by protesting the specter of war in Iraq alongside some extremely disreputable characters. Tacitus and Greg Wythe say they should be. I’d like to come out … Continue reading Continue reading

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To the Batcave!

Now here’s a made-for-TV movie that looks promising: Hollywood- Holy blast from the past, Batman! Adam West and Burt Ward are reuniting for a TV movie they hope will score bop-socko-pow ratings for CBS. But West and Ward aren’t playing … Continue reading Continue reading

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“The Crooked E” wrapup

Former Enron employees pretty much hated The Crooked E, that cheeserrific made-for-CBS movie from a couple of weeks ago. Of nearly 200 SEEC [Severed Enron Employees Coalition] members who responded to an e-mail survey, 58 percent found the CBS movie, … Continue reading Continue reading

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A bit more on SUVs

One more point that needs to be made about SUVs is that there’s no technical reason why they don’t have better fuel economy. MIT’s Technology Review magazine did an article in November pn this topic. You can only get an … Continue reading Continue reading

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