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The wheels of punditry grind slowly

Nearly two months ago, I wrote about receiving email at my only-published-on-the-old-Blogspot-site address about the Heritage Foundation’s Big Ol’ Blog Initiative, which is to send email to a bunch of bloggers and beg them to link to stuff they’ve written. … Continue reading Continue reading

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The last word on the Dixie Chicks

Ahem. I just found Kinky Friedman’s tribute to the Dixie Chicks. I may never see again. Tread carefully. You have been warned. Continue reading

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Turner’s troubles

John Williams spells out Sylvester Turner’s problems going into the Mayor’s race. I’ve made the same observations (here and here), but Williams adds an interesting Killer D twist that I’d forgotten: Turner said he understood why the Killer D’s acted … Continue reading Continue reading

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