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The end of the Willingham case for the Forensic Science Commission

Dave Mann reads the Willingham report from the Forensic Science Commission so you don’t have to. The commission’s nearly 50-page report—the product of a high-profile, frequently stalled investigation—is an odd mix. It documents at length the flawed state of fire … Continue reading

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Friday random ten: The 80s

The 80s. If you don’t already understand what things like parachute pants and Members Only jackets were about, there’s nothing I can say that will help you understand them. 1. Hungry Heart – Bruce Springsteen (1980) 2. Who Can It … Continue reading

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Chron story about the House redistricting map

Here’s what the Chron had to say about the initial redistricting map for the State House. I’m just going to focus on a couple of things: The statewide map creates one new Latino district, maintains the current number of black … Continue reading

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Bonds found guilty on one charge

A mixed result for Barry Bonds and the feds who have been pursuing him. Just like the whole Steroid Era: We’ll never really know. Even the one charge that left Barry Bonds a convicted felon didn’t specify steroids. Instead, a … Continue reading

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When you find yourself in a hole, go ahead and keep digging

So Texas has this big budget shortfall. You’ve probably heard about it. A big part of that shortfall is structural, thanks to the 2006 property tax cut that was supposed to be funded primarily by the business margins tax. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Your digital ad here

Lisa Gray alerts us to the latest bright idea from Austin. Like all of Texas’ big cities, we have regulations that ban digital billboards – both because they’re painfully ugly and because they’re designed to take drivers’ eyes off the … Continue reading

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