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From the “When you’re in a hole, go ahead and keep digging” files

Deficit, schmeficit. Texas lawmakers voted on Thursday to extend a tax break for businesses with revenues of less than $1 million a year at a time the state is facing a massive budget shortfall. The House Ways and Means Committee … Continue reading

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The mental health catastrophe is coming

Here’s yet another story about the forthcoming disaster in mental health care that is about to be perpetuated by the Legislature. It starts with one of the best analogies I’ve seen: Dr. Steven B. Schnee, executive director of the Mental … Continue reading

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Austin wants to get on the bike sharing bandwagon

Good for them. San Antonio became the first city in Texas to install a bike-share system last month, when it opened 14 B-cycle stations within a few miles of downtown. Now Austin is considering spending about $1.8 million, plus operating … Continue reading

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HISD contemplates different start and end times for school days

If you have kids in HISD schools, you should check this out. That dropoff and pickup schedule you’re used to may be different next fall. Nothing has been voted on yet, so take a look and give your feedback to … Continue reading

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