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Weekend link dump for September 4

So what would a dragon smell like, anyway? “An Afghan family slowly adapts to life in Austin a year after the Taliban takeover”. “The Case for the 16-Year-Old Vote”. “Voters in Florida’s panhandle will choose this November between two of … Continue reading

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A different poll about abortion in Texas

Interesting and encouraging, but I’m not sure I buy it. One year after Texas implemented what was then the most restrictive abortion law in the country, a majority of Texas voters are expressing strong support for abortion rights. In a … Continue reading

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More evidence of misdemeanor bail reform’s success

Lower costs, fewer wrongful incarcerations and guilty pleas, less recidivism. What more do you want? Fewer misdemeanor defendants went on to commit crimes in Harris County after federal litigation in 2017 aimed at curtailing the jailing of low-income people charged … Continue reading

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We keep on building homes in the floodplains

It’s how we roll. When Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston region with a deluge of rain, one of the places where the water escaped its bounds was near a Spring Branch floodway known as Brickhouse Gully, satellite data shows. There, … Continue reading

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Let’s protect Galveston’s red wolves

They’re one of the cooler things about Galveston. The coyotes that roam Galveston Island are quickly becoming famous. The animals are the subject of dedicated social media pages and their silhouettes have been emblazoned on T-shirts. Earlier this year, they … Continue reading

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