Interview with CM Letitia Plummer

CM Letitia Plummer

As noted yesterday, there are two At Large Council members running for re-election. CM Letitia Plummer is the incumbent in At Large #4, where she has focused on police reform, Houston’s food deserts, and the need for apartment inspectors. She is a graduate of Spelman College and the Baylor College of Dentistry, and has her own dental practice in Pearland. She is also the first Muslim woman elected to Houston City Council and was previously a candidate for Congress in 2018 – you can listen to the interview I did with her for that here. Here’s the interview I did with her for this year:

Kathy Blueford-Daniels
Dani Hernandez
Judith Cruz
Plácido Gómez
Mario Castillo
Cynthia Reyes-Revilla
Joaquin Martinez
Tarsha Jackson
Leah Wolfthal
Melanie Miles
Abbie Kamin
Sallie Alcorn

This week was (mostly) At Large Council candidates, and next week will be more of the same with At Large #2 as the main focus. The Erik Manning spreadsheet is here. My previous posts about the 2023 HISD election are here and here. My posts about the July campaign finance reports for City Council candidates are here and here.

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  1. David Fagan says:

    I want to thank CM Plummer for voting against the use of tax payer money to, this week has proven, pay lawyers to do nothing in negotiations and waste money in court. The city lawyers didn’t spend any time doing what is expected of them, which is negotiating, and shows that $500,000 approved is being spent on actively doing nothing to move negotiations forward.

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