January 2024 campaign finance reports – Harris County offices

State offices

Lina Hidalgo

Rodney Ellis
Adrian Garcia
Tom Ramsey
Leslie Briones

Kim Ogg
Sean Teare
Dan Simons

Ed Gonzalez
Vergil Ratliff
Joe Inocencio
Mike Knox
Joe Danna
Paul Day
Glenn Cowan

Christian Menefee
Umeka Lewis
Jacqueline Lucci Smith

Annette Ramirez
Danielle Bess
Jerry Davis
Desiree Broadnax
Claude Cummings
Michael Wolfe
Steve Radack

Teneshia Hudspeth
Carla Wyatt
Marilyn Burgess

Candidate     Raised       Spent       Loan     On Hand
Hidalgo      184,138     206,978     51,400      70,973

Ellis         92,813     180,802          0   5,241,377
Garcia       523,203     472,312          0   1,051,258
Ramsey       497,875     112,004          0   1,376,882
Briones      341,574     208,905          0   1,375,896

Ogg          282,274      97,634     48,489     455,755
Teare        278,817     237,522          0     550,792
Simons             0      12,910     15,000       2,090

Gonzalez     154,778      72,506          0     143,882
Ratliff        3,515       4,448          0         307
Inocencio        500       2,066        100           

Knox          14,370      24,425     10,000       3,448
Danna         49,387      61,349     35,452       1,922
Day            4,641       3,133      2,243       2,582
Cowan         46,160       7,760          0      41,595

Menefee       47,415      75,524          0     397,800
Smith          2,556       1,250          0       1,306

Ramirez       18,081      11,266          0      23,283
Bess          15,175           0          0      15,175
Davis         22,817       5,114      5,000      
Broadnax       5,840       1,700      1,000       4,140
Cummings           0           0          0           0
Wolfe            200       3,168          0           0
Radack             0      49,220          0     715,239

Hudspeth      20,500       4,188          0      16,426
Wyatt            290           0          0       3,698
Burgess        4,904      13,667      5,207       7,211

The July 2023 reports for Harris County are here. Some reports didn’t show up until I looked one last time on Friday, though the system showed they had been posted on time or close to it. These things happen sometimes.

Judge Hidalgo has time to build up her campaign finance account before she’s on the ballot again, but she’s going to need to raise more than she spends to do that. I thought it might have been mostly legal expenses, but while she did drop about $18K on legal fees, the large majority of her expenditures were for various forms of political consultancy, including $4K per month for compliance services. I don’t know what the situation is but I do know math, and this math isn’t going to work for her. I hear whispers of a more formidable primary opponent for 2026, so this is not a situation I’d sleep on.

The other Commissioners did more or less as I’d expect. I fully expect Rodney Ellis to spend money on countywide turnout efforts. I won’t be surprised if Commissioners Garcia and Briones join him.

The story of July was how Sean Teare had greatly outraised Kim Ogg for DA, though that was largely due to a couple of large individual donations for Teare. Both raised similar amounts this period, and with Teare spending more they have similar amounts on hand. I can’t say for sure that Teare didn’t have some big individual contributions this time around because hie report was 183 pages long and I didn’t feel like scrolling all the way through it, but I did see numerous small donations – five dollars, ten dollars, 25 and 50 dollars – in the pages I did look at. That may have been in response to the criticism of his July report, I don’t know.

For Sheriff, it’s incumbent Ed Gonzalez and a lot of not much else. Mike Knox was never a big fundraiser as a Council member, and he’s still not much of a fundraiser. Joe Danna’s fundraising is always weird and includes a lot of in kind donations. Chron endorsee Glenn Cowan raised a few bucks but he’s going to need more than that. For County Attorney, Christian Menefee has a decent amount of cash, Umeka Lewis has not report I could find, and Republican Jacqueline Lucci Smith did little more than pay her filing fee.

Yes, that’s former Commissioner Steve Radack running for Tax Assessor. Some people don’t know how to retire, I guess. He will have far more cash available than any Democrat, but it doesn’t really matter. As I’ve said to a couple of folks, that’s a race that is almost entirely dependent on the overall partisan environment. If that race is competitive enough where his money or name ID might matter, we’re already in deep trouble. As for Michael Wolfe, he’s filed a report but as far as I can tell is not on the ballot even though his expenditure appears to be a filing fee. Some people don’t know how to stay away.

I’ll look at reports for the City of Houston and for Senate/Congress; those come online later than the local and state ones. Let me know if you have any questions.

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