Interview with Kathy Blueford-Daniels

Kathy Blueford-Daniels

We come to the end of my interviews with candidates for the HCAD positions. I might have tried to broaden the field under some other circumstances, but in this case I felt it best to concentrate on the candidates who were actually worthy of consideration in this partisan (disguised, but still partisan) context. I think that part of it will be more clear in the runoffs, but one step at a time. Today’s candidate, who is vying for Position One, is the one person running who can say from experience what this job is about because she’s done it before. Kathy Blueford-Daniels is a former HISD Trustee who served as an appointed member of the HCAD Board while she was representing HISD. If you want someone on this board who can step in on day one and do the job, here you go. She has been endorsed by the Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation for this race. I spoke to her most recently last August about how she saw the HISD situation at that time. Here’s what we talked about this time:


Pelumi Adeleke, Position 3
Austin Pooley, Position 2
Melissa Noriega, Position 2

See here and here for what we know about these HCAD positions. Early voting for this race and the SD15 special election runs from April 22-30. Get out there and vote.

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