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Giant Presidential heads: True identities revealed

Last April, several buddies and I visited David Adickes’ sculpture studio for the purpose of photographing the Giant Presidential Head statues that he has there. (Adickes is the gent who did Big Sam in Huntsville and is now working on Big Stephen down in Angleton. You can see the pix I took here. There was some controversy over which five Presidents are in that last picture. Many guesses were made, but no definitive consensus was reached.

Well, guess no more. David Adickes himself left a comment on that post on Friday, and he tells us that the mystery quintet are, in order: Pierce, Polk, Harding, Wm Henry Harrison, and Andrew Johnson. Kudos to Patrick for coming the closest in identifying them, and thanks to David Adickes for dropping by.

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One Comment

  1. It would be Patrick. He’s been a presidential history buff since he was a little kid.