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Last day of early voting in District H runoff

Today is the last day to vote early in the District H runoff. The early voting locations will be open from 7 AM to 7 PM, so take advantage of the chance while you still can. Runoff Day itself will be Saturday the 13th. A total of 1636 ballots had been cast through the weekend; Monday’s totals are not posted yet. Barring something weird, that means there will have been over 2000 votes during early voting, which would exceed the total for the first round and suggests we may wind up with a higher turnout in the runoff than in the initial election. I know I didn’t see that coming, but I’m glad to have underestimated it. Today’s Chron has little sidebar bios of Ed Gonzalez and Maverick Welsh if for some odd reason you don’t feel you know enough about either of them to make your decision. Vote today or vote Saturday and we’ll finally have a new Council member for District H.

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