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Weekend link dump for August 16

Holy crap, it’s almost football season already…

The case against Apple, in five parts. And the case for, in one.

Why Kevin Drum doesn’t fear government-run health care.

Once again, a big part of the reason why politicians lie is because there are no disincentives for doing so.

When link shorteners die. Or don’t.

Alright, Republicans, We Give Up. In the name of bipartisanship, of course.

The origin of FAIL.

RIP, Merlyn Mantle, widow of Mickey Mantle.

The $22,000 baby. Best health care system evah!

Among other things, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has very expensive hair.

It is now safe to sacrifice your goat in Euless, TX.

Clearly, Facebook isn’t for everybody.

The real “death panels”.

Apparently, Stephen Hawking is British. Who knew? Still, we better check his birth certificate, just to be sure.

If NASA ca’t protect us from the killer asteroid menace, then what good are they?

The first LOLcat?

True tales of health insurance.

The winner’s curse.

It really can’t be said often enough: John Culberson is an idiot.

Unblock The Bloggess! And may I just say, I have never loved the internets as much as I love them right now.

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