Interview with Mike Laster

Mike LasterMoving back to District F, today’s interview subject is Mike Laster. Mike is an attorney specializing in real estate, and was for six years a Senior Assistant City Attorney in the Real Estate Division of the City Attorney’s Office. Mike is a resident of Sharpstown, where he is Secretary and founding Board Member of the Greater Sharpstown Management District, and past President of the Sharpstown Civic Association.

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Karen Derr, At Large #1
Brad Bradford, At Large #4
Stephen Costello, At Large #1
Lane Lewis, District A
Lonnie Allsbrooks, At Large #1
Noel Freeman, At Large #4
Brenda Stardig, District A
Oliver Pennington, District G
Amy Peck, District A
Herman Litt, At Large #1
Natasha Kamrani, HISD Trustee in District I, not running for re-election
Alex Wathen, District A
Robert Kane, District F
Council Member Melissa Noriega, At Large #3
Jeff Downing, District A

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18 Responses to Interview with Mike Laster

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  17. Sherry Louise Linville says:

    Dear Mr. Laster,
    I was glad to see your signs in the yards where I live; I voted for you in the last election & was sad you didn’t win. Unfortunately, Mr. Hoang has been a disappointment, in my opinion, to our district as councilman.
    I have lived in Alief for over 20 years & have observed an increase in panhandling, graffiti, & trash & debris on our streets & medians. If elected, what will you do about these issues that are of concern to me?
    Thank you,
    Sherry Louise Linville

  18. robert kane says:

    Have you called Mr. Hoang…. I’d love to hear his response to you….

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