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County Clerk Kaufman to retire

Harris County Clerk Beverly Kaufman will not run for another term in 2010.

Kaufman, a Republican in her fourth four-year term, said in a news release that she informed County Judge Ed Emmett and county commissioners this morning of her decision to retire after serving out her current term.

β€œTo the people of Harris County, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me such a tremendous opportunity,” she said. β€œI was raised on a farm in neighboring Waller County. I graduated from Waller High School. I went on to be elected County Clerk in the third largest county in America and had the privilege to lead national professional organizations and received many honors and awards on your behalf.”

She said she wanted to make the announcement now to allow for an open election for the office in November 2010.

My best wishes to Kaufman in her retirement. I expect there will be a spirited primary in both parties for this office, which I’ve thought for some time now would be a high profile target next year. I figure we’ll start hearing some names get floated by Monday at the latest.

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  1. Janie Squier says:

    Ms. Kaufman has had a long and distinguished career as County Clerk, but there is much yet to be done to move the County in a direction which will benefit all of our citizens. It is with great pleasure that I will support candidate Ann Bennett in her bid for the job. Ann knows County government, and more importantly, she knows the people of Harris County.
    Remember her name. See how she runs. Decide for yourself.

  2. […] Rep. and Harris County Democratic Party Chair Sue Schechter has announced her intent to run for the to-be-open Harris County Clerk position next year. Schechter was known to be interested in this position, and now she’s made it […]

  3. Larry Watson says:

    We are one election away from electing a County Clerk, Ann Bennett, who will make sure we have secure voting equipment with voter verifiable paper audit trails.