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Brown’s fourth ad

Team Peter maintains the air assault:

Okay, I’m a math major, so maybe I’m the wrong person to bring this up, but shouldn’t that be “I look at city government differently than other politicians”? I had to watch a few times to catch the rest of the ad because that kept distracting me. Other than that, it reinforces his brand – blueprint! – and gives us a second chance to hear Brown speak for himself. If you don’t have at least a rudimentary idea of who Peter Brown is and what he wants to do as Mayor by now, you probably watch very little TV. If so, you can still read the Chron’s bio of Brown, the first in a series of four for the week. You can’t say you weren’t given the opportunity to get to know him, that’s all I’m saying.

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One Comment

  1. martha says:

    You are right about “differently”. I sent an email to the campaign earlier today about that. Very distracting.