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Khan goes on the air

We knew it was coming, and now here we have MJ Khan’s first TV ad.

It’s…okay. Unlike Greg, I think Pam Holm’s ad, which was strong up until the last few seconds, was better. The presentation in Khan’s ad, with the three “average citizens” expressing their preference for Khan’s candidacy, is a bit hokey, but I can live with that. The real issue I have is that Khan’s main argument is that he’s the best qualified candidate for the office – just review his interview and you’ll see what I mean – yet he barely touches on why this is so in the ad. What exactly are his qualifications and why are they superior to his opponents? Well, there’s something about zero-based budgeting in the ad – how many folks know what that is? – and that’s about it. I realize this is a 30-second spot and he has to introduce himself first, but I feel like this ad doesn’t really give me a reason to vote for MJ Khan, whereas Pam Holm’s ad did do that. What do you think?

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