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Today the HCDE, tomorrow the world!

Remember those Cy-Fair school board candidates I mentioned last week? Turns out they each have Facebook groups supporting their candidacies. A brief look at them reveals a couple of interesting things. One is that spelling, or at least spell-checking, is not a high priority. From Willie Wright’s group’s description:

The incumbent has also voted in recent years to raise property taxes in Cy-Fair and the incumbent also supported the building of the collosal Berry Center, also known as the Cy-Fair Taj Mahal or Ceasar’s Palace.

And from Bill Morris’ group’s description:

Additionally, as a GOP Precinct Chairman, Bill knows the importance of being a Conservtaive Republican voter, unlike the incumbent in this race who voted in the 2008 Democrat Primary.

Does the TAKS test include a spelling component? I’m just asking.

And two, these groups were both created by our old friend HCDE Trustee Michael Wolfe. Good to know Wolfe’s famous attention to detail isn’t just limited to his work with the Department of Education. Now, I don’t know what Wolfe’s involvement in these races is – it may be nothing more than setting up Facebook groups as part of the local GOP’s social media outreach program. But I do know that Wolfe tried to increase his influence on the HCDE by supporting a couple of far-right candidates in the 2008 primary; they won that battle, knocking off more moderate GOP incumbents, but thankfully lost in November to the much more qualified Debra Kerner and Jim Henley. And I do know that one of those Wolfe-backed candidates, Stan Stanart, is also in these groups and has apparently announced his intention to run for the to-be-open position of Harris County Clerk. (Former State Rep. and HCDP Chair Sue Schechter has announced her interest on the Democratic side.) Finally, I do know that I’d prefer less Michael Wolfe in my government, not more. So if you live in the Cy-Fair ISD, please be aware of who’s running for these offices, and please vote accordingly. That goes for the Alief ISD as well, about which I’ll have more to say shortly. Thanks.

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  1. Gee Li says:

    I’m always kind of caught the subject of incorrect spelling. For one, I think there’s more important issues at hand than spelling to hold a campaign accountable for.

    However, it certainly doesn’t reflect well on the campaign itself. I mean, if you’re going to be asking me for money I want you to at least be professional about it and do your homework.

  2. Robert Vazquez says:

    You missed a few more candidate Facebook Groups that Michael Wolfe created.
    – Ethel Wolfe (mom) for Cy-Fair School Board
    – Robert Wolfe (dad) for Lone Star College Board of Trustees
    – Chris Daniel – GOP Pct Chair Chris Daniel for District Clerk
    – Denise Pratt – GOP Pct Chair Denise Pratt for Judge, 311th District Court
    Michael is apparently trying to widen his sphere of influence in local politics. Scary.