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Roy gets his moment in the sun

Here’s the Chron overview of Roy Morales, which like the Locke and Brown stories was done with a bit of gauze over the lens. Well, except for the bit where they quoted those mean ol’ bloggers.

Political observers and bloggers have been dismissive of his candidacy, for reasons other than a somewhat awkward public demeanor. One blogger made fun of him for minor errors in filling out state-required expense reports. Another slammed him for putting up an unusually weak Web site. A third labeled him clueless. Veteran blog pundit Charles Kuffner concluded that Morales’ ignorance on a matter related to Metro, revealed at a meeting with journalists, showed “there’s a reason why he doesn’t get to sit at the grown-ups’ table … Poor Roy.”

Hmm. I’m pretty sure Blogger #1 is Martha. Blogger #2 is probably David Ortez. As for Blogger #3, let’s be honest – that could be just about anybody. At least Nancy Sims was nice to him.

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  1. martha says:

    Tolson might consider Roy’s campaign finance report mistakes “minor”, but I can guarantee that if anyone files a TEC complaint against him, it will be accepted and he will have to run the traps of correcting the report and paying a fine. Kuff, are you getting veteran’s benefits? 🙂

  2. […] if you read the Chron profile of Morales, you’d know that his report did contain at least one “minor error”. Which, as […]