Trustee Marshall endorsed by former opponents

In the runoff for HISD Trustee in District IX, incumbent Trustee Larry Marshall received the endorsement of the third and fourth-place finishers, George Davis and Michael Williams. I find that a little odd, since one presumes when they ran to unseat Marshall they thought a change was needed, but I guess they decided they didn’t want Adrian Collins to be that change. Marshall has also been endorsed by the HISD Parent Visionaries group, who backed Trustee-elect Mike Lunceford and runoff candidate Anna Eastman. You can read their runoff analysis and recommendation here. Note the difference between Marshall and Collins’ positions on paying prevailing wages for capital improvement projects in HISD. Labor unions are upset with Marshall for breaking promises made to them about prevailing wages in return for their support of the 2007 bond referendum, which is why they are strongly backing Collins. We’ll see if that can be a difference-maker here.

HISD Trustee Lawrence “Larry” Marshall received the endorsements of his two former opponents, George Davis and Michael Williams in the HISD District 9 campaign.

“Larry conducted a positive campaign that focused on the issues and his qualifications. Though we may have had differences on certain policy issues, I think we can agree that Larry’s experience will best serve the students, parents, and taxpayers of District 9,” said Davis.

“Larry’s commitment to helping provide our school children with the best education goes without question. Even though I offered myself up as a different voice, I am quite confident that Larry will speak forcefully on our behalf,” said Williams.

“During this campaign George Davis and Michael Williams provided voters with their ideas on how best they could serve the community as an HISD trustee. Their candidacies allowed for a much needed public debate on HISD and its goals. I am proud of their support and I urge them to continue to contribute to the dialogue that promotes educational achievement for all of our students,” said Marshall.

Larry Marshall has also been endorsed by:

Congressman Al Green

Constable May Walker

Former Superintendent Kaye Stripling

Reverend Bill Lawson

Community Leader Kathleen Tinsley Ownby

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