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Flooding survey

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Survey to guide Flooding and Drainage Committee in identifying flooding issues and concerns

February 12, 2010 – Houston, TX. Houston residents are being asked to fill out a short five question survey about their personal experiences with flooding and drainage. Houston City Council Flooding and Drainage Committee Chair Stephen C. Costello and Vice-Chair Ed Gonzalez are encouraging citizens to complete the survey in order to gain information on the current and long term needs of the city’s drainage infrastructure and storm water management capabilities.

This survey will be used by the committee for informational and guidance purposes only; all constituent requests should be directed to 3-1-1 and requests for infrastructure improvements must go through the normal CIP process.
The committee is asking for first-hand accounts of flooding related issues, such as past property damage and whether problems have improved or worsened. Responses from the survey will give the committee a broad perspective of neighborhood flooding and drainage problems throughout Houston. To participate, residents may fill out the survey online: or request a copy by email: [email protected]

The Flooding and Drainage Committee is charged with considering regulatory and permitting functions affecting flooding and drainage incorporated in Code of Ordinances Chapter 19 (Floodplain) and 47 (Storm Drainage Discharge); long-range planning for funding of drainage infrastructure; communication with affected stakeholders, including recommendations concerning coordination with other entities such as the federal and state government, Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery Counties and the Harris County Flood Control District.

For more information, please contact Sallie Alcorn or Chris Attar at 832-393-3014.

Please help out and take the survey. Thanks very much.

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