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Chron overview of County Judge primary

There’s been a whole lot of attention paid to the Governor’s races recently, but there are plenty of other contests of interest. The Chron gives its take on the Democratic primary for Harris County Judge.

Hassan, 57, of Katy, wants an end to what he calls good-old-boy government. He is an affable, voluble immigrant from Egypt, who pledges to answer calls and receive visitors in his office who are not monied interests. He calls himself a post-partisan candidate who can draw voters from both parties because he has run as a both a Democrat (in the 2008 primary for county judge) and a Republican (against Sheila Jackson Lee for Congress in 2006).

“It’s good to try both because I’m new to this,” Hassan said.

Quan, 61, who lives in the Memorial area, said his Asian identity will put a new face on Harris County that will make the area more attractive for international investors.

Quan is not new to this. He served three terms on the Houston City Council.

The story does a pretty good job of covering some of the issues and the candidates’ positions, about which you can hear more in my interviews with them – here’s Quan‘s and here’s Hassan‘s. I just have to ask, though: Could the Chron have possibly found worse photos of the two of them? Seriously, the picture of Quan looks like it was scanned from a yearbook, and the one of Hassan…I just have no idea. I admit, I don’t have that great a photo of Hassan, either, but it was at least one he sent to me. As for Quan, if the Chron didn’t have a decent pic from their own archives, they could have grabbed one from Facebook. I mean, jeez.

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