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Early voting humpday

Today was Day Six of early voting for the primaries, so we are now more than halfway through. Here’s a look at how it’s gone so far.

For Democrats:

In person early votes so far – 11,533
In person early votes, 2006 – 8,762
Total votes, 2006 – 35,447

For Republicans:

In person early votes so far – 17,900
In person early votes, 2006 – 24,593
Total votes, 2006 – 82,989

Democrats have already exceeded their 2006 early vote total, and have an outside shot at casting more in person early votes this year than total votes in 2006. My no-math-involved wild guess for total turnout is 60,000 to 70,000. On the GOP side, in person early votes may approach 50,000, and total votes will probably be around 100,000. That’s a bigger increase for Dems than Republicans, but pretty decent totals for each regardless. For what it’s worth, in 2002 there were 95,696 Democratic primary votes cast, and 92,595 Republican primary votes. I’ll revisit all my guesswork next weekend, after the final totals are in. Prof. Murray has more.

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  1. […] total votes from the 2006 primary, while the Republicans did break the 50,000 margin, making my wild guesses from Sunday look pretty good. Adding in mail ballots, the Dems just topped 40,000 while the GOP was over […]