Metro CEO accused of inappropriate relationship with employee

Well, at least we now have some idea of what Lloyd Kelley has been looking for.

The president and CEO of the Metropolitan Transit Authority was accused in open court Wednesday of having an improper relationship with a female employee who works for him. That alleged relationship may include taxpayer-funded trips to Spain, additional compensation and benefits, and other items the public paid for with tax dollars, according to the attorney for former Houston Controller Lloyd Kelley.

Attorney Michael West, who represents Kelley, told Judge Al Bennett he has information which leads him to believe Metro President Frank Wilson had substantial motivation to keep specific documents or e-mails from coming out.

Kelley had previously sued Metro, alleging it improperly destroyed public documents related to a public information request from Kelley.

Insert your own Chuck Rosenthal joke here. The difference at this point is that the allegations about Rosenthal’s abuses were concurrent with the discovery of the emails. We don’t have the emails here, maybe because they’ve been destroyed and maybe because they don’t actually exist. For what it’s worth, the KHOU broadcast I saw said that Metro continues to deny the allegations. I sure hope they’re right, but none of this looks good.

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