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Galveston County transportation district

Well, at least somebody is moving forward with rail plans.

The creation of a Galveston County urban and rural transit district would potentially pull together all 13 municipalities in the county, providing a single voice to negotiate with Houston Metro, the federal government and other entities, Galveston County Judge Jim Yarbrough said.

“Certainly, passenger rail is just another transit option,” Yarbrough said. “The time has come and we need to work with Harris County and Judge (Ed) Emmett and Houston Metro.”

Passenger rail is a top priority for the county’s largest municipality, League City. “There is no question that the City of League City is extremely interested in commuter rail, particularly to put a station here in League City,” said Tony Allender, League City land management director.

Some background on this is here and here. I’ll just simply note here that any passenger or commuter rail line from Galveston into Houston will be a much more valuable commodity if there is a fully functional rail system for it to connect to. But you already knew that, right?

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