Metro takes a step forward on advertising

For its 2011 fiscal year budget, Metro is taking a tentative step forward on allowing ads to be placed on its buses.

Metro is considering placing ads on buses to generate revenue (page 37). George Greanias, president and chief executive officer, told me that this idea is merely being explored and no revenue from this source is projected in the budget.

Metro already places free, public service messages, such as for the Houston Zoo, on some of its trains.

I’ve discussed this before, and I am firmly of the opinion that Metro should sell ads on its buses and light rail cars and any other place it can. I’d support them lobbying the city to amend its existing ordinance against placing ads on city-owned rights of way so that ads on bus shelters would be allowed. As someone who grew up in a place where these kinds of ads were ubiquitous, I really don’t see the problem. Maybe it won’t be much money, but it will be more than zero. Hair Balls has more.

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