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Once again, why is Kinky Friedman still in my newspaper?

Oh, good grief. Haven’t we read this before?

Musician and author Kinky Friedman still wants to be governor of Texas and says he’ll run in 2010 as a Democrat — if he can raise enough money.

Friedman, in a phone interview with WOAI Radio of San Antonio, said he’ll run again if he’s “got a war chest that is sizable enough.”

Friedman today told KRLD Radio of Dallas-Fort Worth that he’d probably need three-to-five million dollars.

Yes, we have seen this before. I have three words: Not. Gonna. Happen. He won’t get anywhere near that kind of money, and if he decides to run anyway, he’ll get his ass handed to him in the primary. (Among other things, being called “Our guy in Texas” by Bill O’Reilly is unlikely to help.) Then maybe he’ll finally go back to doing stuff he’s good at, like making music. The world, or at least the state of Texas, will be better off when he does. Thanks to Muse for the link.

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