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Mayor White talks transit

I finally had a chance to listen to this interview on NPR with Mayor White that the Houston Politics blog flagged. It’s pretty good, though very general, on the topic of density, transit, and what Houston will look like in the future. I suppose it doesn’t much matter, since he wouldn’t be in office long enough to see any of it get started, much less come to fruition, but I’d still like to hear Mayor White spell out a vision for Houston’s future in transit. Assuming nothing screwy happens in the courts, we should be well on our way to implementing the rest of the Metro Solutions 2012 plan, and we may be making some headway on those new commuter rail lines – at least, we may have answers to some key questions about them by then – and it’ll be high time to get to work on what comes next. Obviously, whoever succeeds Mayor White will be the key player in that, but I see no reason why he shouldn’t start the conversation. Who knows, maybe he’ll be talking about some of these issues anyway when he makes his run for Governor. Anyway, give it a listen and see what you think.

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