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Bexar Dems vote to oust Ramos


Bexar County Democratic Party leaders voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to remove ailing and embattled Chairman Dan Ramos for misconduct and neglect of duty.

The 104-5 vote by the party’s executive committee came despite a desperate attempt by Ramos to call off the meeting.

Ramos, who has ignored calls for his resignation since March, didn’t attend or acknowledge the meeting and couldn’t be reached for comment. He has called the removal effort invalid, as it was conducted under Robert’s Rules of Order in the absence of any provisions in state or party rules to oust a county chairman.

Members leaped to their feet and cheered when they achieved a quorum sufficient to conduct the removal vote. None of the five members who cast nay votes spoke in Ramos’ defense. Some had concerns about the legality of the removal process.

A May 17 meeting was set to choose a new county chairman.

It’s not completely clear that this was a legal action, though there is legislation working its way through the House that would explicitly allow it. Ramos, who is also dealing with health issues, could litigate over this, and he’d probably have a case. What really matters to me is that a lot of people showed up for this, and they clearly cared about the negative effect Ramos was having on their party. If the ultimate result of this is for the BCDP to be more unified, motivated, and principled, that’s plenty good enough for me. Kudos to everyone who took a stand.

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