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Interview with Kristi Thibaut

Kristi Thibaut

We conclude our tour of the At Large #2 field with Kristi Thibaut, who was the State Representative for HD133 from 2009 to 2011. Thibaut has worked for Continental Airlines and as a fundraiser for non-profits such as the American Heart Association. She was also the first Executive Director of the Texas Youth Hunting Association. Here’s our conversation:

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You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle, plus other related information, on my 2011 Elections page.

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One Comment

  1. joshua bullard says:

    Heres what the interview of this canidate failed to mention,kristi thibaut was actually a legislative staffer that jumped on the 2008 democrat landslide that was quickly voted out of office 24 months later in 2010 when the grand old party showed back up a blazin the ballot box-she was a one term state rep-thats it-thats all the voters would give her/one term.Now then,why would she not turn around and run for her same state seat/this makes since-doesnt it?being that she only was elected for one term.It makes me ask questions like this-and i will not be a part of the pack and try to sweep it under the rug-canidate kristi thibaut is playing politics and i dont like it-she has no bussiness in this race whatsoever and half the city knows it.we as citizens of Houston have to hold our canidates to a higher standard and allow other people that want to serve our interest a chance to serve-In closing what iam saying is this,this canidate is running for office because she was voted out of office by the majority of voters-she sees an opportunity to get back into office with in the city of houston-so shes taking it-thats it-thats the whole taco folks-thats the show-thats the alpha and omega of canidate kristi thibaut-the one term state rep that was voted into and out of office so fast it should be in the record books- trying to convince us the voters she has the state legislature at the ready to move on any issues she may phone in about- is absolute nonsense/i think we owe the voters of houston more than a canidate trying to pull a fast one/iam going to pass on this canidate because of the above listed reasons.respectfully submitted joshua ben bullard.