Interview with Juliet Stipeche

Juliet Stipeche

Next up is Trustee Juliet Stipeche, whose campaign webpage is here. She won a special election in 2010 for the Trustee seat in District VIII that was vacated by Diana Davila. Stipeche is an attorney and a graduate of HISD schools, including the High School for Law Enforcement. (See also School Zone’s Q&A with Stipeche and her opponent.) Here’s what we discussed:

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You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle, plus other related information, on my 2011 Elections page.

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4 Responses to Interview with Juliet Stipeche

  1. Joshua bullard says:

    It is also very important that i comment in detail about the ever evolving juliet stipeche,first partial term hisd board member.Juliet won her first election by a mere 40 or so votes-she was the underdog in the race from start to finish,but at the end of the day she won-and heres how-she blocked walked and then blocked walked some more and then some more-she did direct mailers-she asked state rep carol alvarado to come out and push for her-she did,juliet spent alot of money-alot,she was also filled with passion to win-it took an obession to win that then,in this interview in comparrision to her 2010 interview on she is less passionate about the seat and seems less motivated to win and it appears she is not campaigning-i havent checked but i would assume she has no challenger because if you think back to last year you should still be able to remember the juliet signs all over the place-i havent seen one sign to date.also,i placed a call to her campaign hq and left a message for her to call me back-she didnt return the call-ouch, i always hate when i dont get the return call,if juliet has a challanger and juliet doesnt get busy like last time-she will be voted out,but from the looks of it, she doesnt care.

    this time,iam not impressed with canidate
    juliet stipeche

    respectfully submitted joshua ben bullard

  2. Zeph Capo says:

    Dear Joshua,

    I apologize that you did not get a return call, however please e-mail me with your contact information and will make sure you get contacted by the campaign. I do know that every available person has been out in the neighborhoods talking to voters. There are several canvassers out 6 days a week and the campaign lead is often with them, not at the office.

    We have a large volunteer push on Oct. 22nd that will be working out of the Montrose Area at 3611 Graustark from 10-1. Mike Pomeroy is heading that effort and he would appreciate you passing the word. We have several teachers that have committed to block-walking for Juliet on the 22nd as well. (They are volunteering for Ramiro Fonseca on Oct. 15th if anyone wants to help there)

    We didn’t spend a great deal on signs this time so we could put the money into direct contact with voters, but there are yard signs available for voters who want them. Thanks for writing in and being involved. Juliet has spend so much time with parents and community members at almost every event across the district this year and I know her doing the right thing by building a direct relationship with the people she represents will have a greater impact than our electioneering, but we will be there until the end!

  3. Concerned says:

    She has an opponent…Dorothy Olmos!

  4. joshua bullard says:

    wanted to report a juliet stepeche incident last night that was kind of strange around 9 50 pm i was in front of the four seasons hotel downtown houston enjoying the cold whether when all of the sudden-hisd board member juliet bolted out of the hotel with an unidentified female companion running acroos the street-i yelled out ” juliet stepeche”she and the female companion stop in their tracks and then took off running for a black mercedes parked across the street-the companion that was with her yelled out “who is juliet stepeche” thats when the lady pulled up in the black benz and announced “iam juliete stepeche”,i knew it was but could not figure out what was going on..

    getting a little worried about juliet stepeche
    joshua ben bullard…………………………………………………

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