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Endorsement watch: For Parker

The Chron endorses Mayor Parker for another term, noting how eventful this term has been.

After she beat opponent Gene Locke in a 2009 runoff, the former three-term at-large council member and city controller opined that she felt like the proverbial dog that had chased down the car. In reality, the job has proven even tougher than that.

Since her inauguration, Parker has confronted a daunting nonstop series of financial, political and even meteorological challenges that were not of her own making. We should be thankful that locusts and frogs haven’t descended on Bagby Street.

Based on her performance in dealing with crises, the Chronicle believes Parker has earned the sometimes thankless task of running City Hall for two more years. It’s no coincidence that no major, well funded candidate has challenged her, and former foe Locke is now a supporter of the mayor. When times are this tough, driving the city forward is not a highly sought assignment.

I know there’s plenty of people reading this who aren’t happy with the Mayor. Y’all can say whatever you want, I’m voting for her. And I hope like hell her second term is easier.

My interview with Mayor Parker is here. For reasons unclear, the Chron has broken its pattern and left us hanging on the At Large #5 race. I guess it was a hard choice for them. Maybe we’ll see tomorrow what they decided.

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  1. Jules says:

    Maybe they wanted the Mayoral endorsement in the Sunday paper.

    I think the Chronicle should be investigating her, not endorsing her.

  2. Burt Levine says:

    Kuff endorsing/voting for Annise Parker is as much news as dog bites man. In college I learned news is when man bites dog.

  3. Joshua bullard says:

    chron .com is trying to figure out how i knew in advance that the endorsment for at large 5 goes to jack christie,there stalling,let me tell the chron in public,stop your tom foolery that you play on certain cards-stop switching gears-stop asking questions,calling meetings downtown trying to figure out what my source was-print the endorsement and lets get the show on the road.

    houston chronicle endorses canidate jack christie at large 5

    fiqure it out,post election joshua ben bullard